Apple iPhone Releases iOS 9.3: Night Shift And Educational Upgrades Included

With consumers talking, arguing, and grieving about the reported loss of the headphone jack in the Apple iPhone 7, Apple has been working on their next update to their iOS.

Several months before consumers even get to see what the iPhone 7 looks like, Apple will be releasing iOS 9.3. The new update from Apple will have some amazing new stuff and great additions to currently available features.

Apple iOS 9.3 is already available for developers and beta testers to download and use although it’s not yet completed. Right now, there’s no exact date for the mass release, but Forbes has predicted that Apple will set the iOS update for sometime in February.


Over this past year, use of Chrome OS laptops have been edging out the Apple iPads, making it less likely that you’d find an Apple product in the classroom. As a way to fight back, Apple has upgraded the educational applications of the iPad.

Apple iPad’s used in schools will be able to be controlled by the teacher of each class through a new app called “Classroom.” They will be able to open lesson plans on their student’s iPad’s or activate a “screen view” that allows them to check on a student’s work progress. Teachers will also be able to compile courses, purchase books, and track their classroom iPad’s through use of the “Apple School Manager.”

For students, their iPads will still remain an individual experience, even when shared with other students. “Shared iPad” will allow each student to log in using a photo ID or a four digit PIN. As a result, there will be less mix ups involved when picking up the wrong iPad in class. It also allows for kids to sign into other Shared iPads and access their apps there, making it possible to pick up where they left off.


The notes app on the iPhone is a relatively simple application that can be found on most Apple products. It is used to track notes that can vary from reminders to sensitive information.

For people who store such things as financial information, business notes, and medical info on their Apple iPhones, the notes app has had one very fatal flaw: there’s no privacy.

When Apple releases iOS 9.3, that flaw will be fixed.

Not only will iOS 9.3 allow users to add password protection to their notes, but they will also be able to organize each file alphabetically, according to the date of creation, or according to the date of modification.

Night Shift

Apple users may have heard that their iPhone is keeping them awake at night by throwing off their melatonin levels.

According to experts with the American Chemical Society, usage of the Apple iPhone and other smartphones could inhibit the production of melatonin, a hormone that is important for sleep to occur.

With Night Shift, the Apple iPhone will make use of its clock and geolocation ability to figure out when the sun sets in each user’s area. As soon as the sun goes down, the user’s iPhone will switch from blue undertones to soft, warmer undertones like red, orange, and yellow.

Apple believes that Night Shift will help iPhone users fall asleep quicker and have much more restful and constant sleep patterns.

So Much More

Apple is doing so much more with iOS 9.3 that it’s almost difficult to list everything.

More than one Apple Watch will be able to link to the same iPhone.

The News app will get smarter, choosing stories more geared toward each consumer’s interests.

The iPhone Health and CarPlay apps will become smarter and more user-friendly.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users will have a more evolved and constant use of 3D touch.

Apple persona, Siri, will start supporting Hebrew, Finish, and Malay languages.

Even photos will be updated, allowing iPhone users to duplicate photos for editing.

So, yes, the Apple iPhone might be getting rid of a few things when the iPhone 7 comes out sometime in late 2016, but for now, consumers will be able to enjoy a whole list of new features coming much sooner.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]