'The 5th Wave' Star‪‪ Chloë Grace Moretz Says Guns Add A Life Or Death Realism

Chloë Grace Moretz is the latest young actress to join a fantasy franchise, adapted from a best-selling series of novels. This time, the films are based on a book trilogy by author Rick Yancey and the first film draws its name directly from the first book's title, The 5th Wave. In this first installment, Earth has been beaten to the brink of destruction by alien attacks (or waves), leaving a hostile environment through which Cassie (Moretz) must endure in her search for her brother.

The planned sequels will also be based on Yancey's books. Next up, there are plans for the film adaptation of the second book, The Infinite Sea, which hit bookstands in 2014. The third film will be based on the third book, The Last Star, which Rick has yet to complete.

Chloë Grace Moretz credits The 5th Wave director J. Blakeson for responsible depiction of gun use


Ms. Moretz describes Cassie Sullivan, the film's heroine, as a humble character. She says Cassie is just trying to save her brother and is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal, but she's not setting out to become any great heroine. She adds that there comes a moment when Cassie's father hands her a gun, and as that happens, the film takes a darker, more realistic, and more deadly serious tone.

"I think it's depicted very well in this film. Guns aren't exciting in this movie," says Chloë of The 5th Wave director's handling of guns. "They're very realistic. She's never held a gun before in her entire life, until her father hands her her first gun."

The 5th Wave actress adds that she admires the way in which J. Blakeson handles the perspective of guns in the film. She says that firearms aren't treated with the cavalier attitude that most American directors seem to have toward the use of weapons. Instead, Blakeson makes guns dangerous and as deadly as they are in any real-life or death encounter, explains Ms. Moretz.

"There's no way out for her except for this. And when her father hands her that gun, you feel the entire movie shift and you go, 'Oh whoa, this is getting very realistic.'"

Chloë Grace Moretz reflects on the luck she's had with her career


Chloë has been acting since she was 11 years old, and her first feature film role cast her as Chelsea Lutz in the 2005 reboot of The Amityville Horror, so acting is familiar to her by now. In fact, she says that acting in action films has become comfortable and fun for her.

Overall, acting has been especially kind to her and even Ms. Moretz herself acknowledges that, as the 18-year-old actress reflects on the 58 credits to her name. Unlike many, Chloë Grace Moretz has made a relatively easy transition from child star to adult actress, a move that has sent many of her contemporaries spiraling out of control. Sex scandals, drug addiction, arrests, and prison sentences seem to be all too common for many of them, but not for Moretz.

"I've been really lucky. A lot of people have a very difficult time with it, but for me, ever since I broke with 500 Days Of Summer and Kick-Ass, I've been allowed into a more adult viewing world."

The 5th Wave actress adds that she never felt as though the production crews and adult actors talked down to her. Instead, she often felt as though she were their equal.

Ms. Moretz also acknowledges that she's still been lucky to retain some measure of anonymity, even though she has had a successful career already. She says she can still go to Disneyland or a crowded movie theater unnoticed. Chloë says the key is too act naturally and not draw attention.

"You just walk around in your t-shirt and pants and everyone thinks you're a normal girl like everyone else."

The 5th Wave is currently playing in theaters.

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