Will Forte Debuts Bizarre New Half-Beard, Half-Shaved Look [Pictures]

Will Forte’s beard in Last Man On Earth is widely agreed to be one of the finest in the history of mankind. Its size, density, and wild but still well-kept manner means that it’s acquired plenty of fans.

I’ve got some bad news for fans of the actor and comedian’s magnificent beard though. It turns out that Forte has decided to get rid of half of it– yes, literally.

Rather than equally reducing the density of the beard, he has made one half of his face and hair clean-shaven, while leaving his beard on the other half of his face.

Words don’t really do Will Forte’s decision to shave half of his face justice. In fact, in order to get a sense of the former Saturday Night Live star’s new look, you really just need to gaze at a picture of him.

Rather than being put off by his bizarre new style choice, Will Forte’s Last Man On Earth co-stars instead proudly stood alongside him. In fact, here’s an image of Will Forte and one of his co-stars January Jones, who is also rumored to have been his former beau, both laughing away as if Forte had a full beard.

But Will Forte didn’t trim half of his beard and hair off by himself. Forte decided to ask Mel Rodriguez, another of his Last Man On Earth co-stars, to join him on the adventure. And the pair stood alongside each other to show off their new look, which I doubt will be copied by too many people.

Mel Rodriguez soon took to his own Twitter account to retweet a picture that he also took alongside Family Guy‘s Alex Borstein.

Will Forte and Mel Rodriguez premiered their new bouffant and facial hair at the FOX All-Star party, which was held at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California, on Friday night. Forte and Rodriguez were there alongside The Last Man On Earth‘s January Jones, Mary Steenburgh, Kristen Schaal, and Cleopatra Coleman.

Coleman soon took to her own Twitter account to post an image of Will Forte, teasing that she might follow suit in the near future.

But is Will Forte and Mel Rodriguez’s half-beard, half-shaved look going to feature in the upcoming new season of Last Man On Earth? Well, Forte’s interview last month with Entertainment Weekly seemed to suggest that it could.

Forte told the publication that there was one aspect of the new episodes that he was particularly excited about, teasing, “There is one thing that I have been so excited about and it is going to be the dumbest-looking thing you have ever seen.”

Will Forte and Mel Rodriguez’s current facial hair and hair predicament would certainly fit into this category. The Last Man On Earth is due to return for a third season in the spring.

[Image via Associated Press]