Niall Horan In L.A. For Selena Gomez Or David Beckham’s UNICEF Charity?

Niall Horan has been chased after in the press in mid-January because he decided to go from blonde to brunette, but there are many people concerned that Niall Horan was in Los Angeles recently because of Selena Gomez.

Niall Horan fans begin to notice that most of One Direction was in Los Angeles around January 12, but was their speculation for the reason a bit off-kilter?

For example, Capital FM had a theory that Niall Horan was in Los Angeles to shoot a video with One Direction for their song “History.” They point out that they have their suspicions because One Direction’s drummer, Josh Devine, is also joining them in Los Angeles.

While many are noting that Niall Horan might be in Los Angeles for work, others speculate the whole trip is about Selena Gomez. For instance, Hollywood Life reported that Niall Horan must be in Los Angeles because he is going to spend time with Selena Gomez.

Alternatively, Hollywood Life also speculates that things did not go so well with Niall Horan and Selena Gomez because they suspect she is now dating Samuel Krost. Nevertheless, they point out that Niall Horan might not be out of the picture because Samuel Krost may just be a friend that Selena Gomez met through her buddy, Gigi Hadid.

Selena Gomez was not the only reason Niall Horan could have been in Los Angeles

Celebuzz added to the idea that Niall Horan and Selena Gomez were not romantically involved by saying Selena was apparently doing a lot of public displays of affection with Samuel Krost around January 15.

As it appears, there could be some truth in the rumors that Niall was flying to Los Angeles to see Selena, but Niall Horan could have also been in Los Angeles with Selena Gomez to attend a charity event.

UNICEF posted a press release announcing that they were honoring one of Niall Horan’s favorite footballers, David Beckham, with a prestigious award from UNICEF on January 13 in Los Angeles. The event was sponsored by Louis Vuitton for UNICEF.

Fans may remember that Niall Horan went a little zany when he met David Beckham in 2013, according to the Mirror. In other words, it can be expected that Niall Horan might follow David Beckham around the globe to see him honored — with or without Selena Gomez being part of the evening.

In the recent past, One Direction and Niall Horan have worked to raise money for UNICEF, according to their blog. As a matter of fact, at least one member of One Direction is being speculated as a future UNICEF ambassador, according to SugarScape.

Interestingly, WWD reports on July 13 that one of the people that attended the UNICEF award ceremony in Los Angeles was Selena Gomez wearing Louis Vuitton’s “Look Number Seven.”

Although there are no social media updates confirming if Selena Gomez and Niall Horan attended the UNICEF event together (or are dating at all), Niall may have had a good reason to forget about posting a status update.

On his Twitter page and Instagram, Niall Horan posted sincerely about the death of David Bowie on January 11. On Twitter, Niall Horan wrote, “Very sad to wake up to the news of David Bowie’s passing. He is a true music legend and his legacy will live on forever.” On Instagram, Niall Horan posted the photo of David Bowie from “Aladdin Sane.”

Niall Horan may have been lured to Los Angeles by David Beckham and UNICEF.

Of course, Niall Horan was likely to be at a charity event (even while mourning David Bowie) because he is noted for being an especially charitable celebrity. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Niall Horan has a long history with charity projects and will have more in the near future.

For instance, the Derby Telegraph reports that Niall Horan is being asked by a fan to do a charity bicycle trip from Africa to Ireland.

Naturally, Niall Horan and One Direction could also be in Los Angeles to work on projects like their Family Guy cameo. Breaking News reported on January 8 that Niall Horan will be in an episode where Chris runs for Homecoming King.

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