'Little Couple' Book: Jen Arnold, Bill Klein Sign Copies, You Can Get One Free

The new Little Couple book, Life is Short (No Pun Intended): Love, Laughter, and Learning to Enjoy Every Moment, was published in May 2015 and enjoyed many rave customer reviews. Jen and Bill are giving away free autographed copies throughout the season. As a promotional, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are offering personally signed copies on the TLC website. TLC is holding a contest, with new opportunities to win autographed copies of Life is Short offered periodically.

Interested fans should go to TLC and enter to win a copy of the Little Couple book. Viewers will be asked to watch a video clip and answer a simple question about the video. They should be sure to read all the rules and get the full details on how to win. There is no purchase necessary to win this special collector's item. The contest will continue throughout the season, so check in regularly with TLC for more information and more contests.

This is a brand new contest, just announced on Facebook a few hours ago, so readers can get the edge by entering early. Anyone could win the Little Couple book, Life is Short (No Pun Intended), signed personally by Jen Arnold and Bill Klein. Jen and Bill are eager to share their life with fans, and they are now doing that in print to add to their TV and online appearances. This lovely autographed keepsake will be a treasure for the lucky winners.

Jennifer Arnold (L) and Bill Klein have been enjoying a lot of recognition for Little Couple
Jennifer Arnold (L) and Bill Klein have been enjoying a lot of recognition for Little Couple (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

For those who don't want to wait to see if they win though, the book is available on Amazon, new for only $14.88 for hardcover or $11.91 in paperback. The reviews have been great, and the book has become a #1 best seller in adoption!

People who love the Little Couple reality show will find new details of the Little Couple stars. Bill Klein reveals what it was like for his parents to deal with his early life respiratory distress. Learn about the hardships, but also the fun that Bill and Gen have experienced in their lives, long before they were TV personalities. Also find out what their life is like behind the scenes and what they are thinking about, as they tackle the world from a viewpoint of only three or four feet.

The book alternates authors, with Bill writing one chapter and Gen the next throughout the book, so that both points of view are expressed. The Little Couple book is amazingly honest, as Bill and Gen reveal their inner struggles and triumphs over many of the same issues everyone else faces, only from a slightly different and uniquely individual perspective.

Little Couple stars enjoying a night out. Photo by Stephen Lovekin /getty images)
Little Couple stars enjoying a night out. Photo by Stephen Lovekin /Getty Images)

Fans simply adore the new Little Couple book, describing it in a variety of ways, but all agree that it is heartwarming and completely inspirational. Lisa A. Perry wrote an excellent review that expressed concisely what so many are saying about the recent best seller.

"I absolutely love Jen & Bill, their families, and, of course, their children! This book was so informative, enjoyable and interesting to me! What these two have been through (especially as children) is mind-boggling...but despite the hardships, what they have achieved is incredible! They are both so smart, so funny, so loving! The world would be a much better place if there were more people like them. If this book doesn't inspire you to live life, count your blessings, and overcome any obstacles...nothing will!!"
Lisa continues, giving readers a real preview of what to expect from the new Little Couple book, Life is Short (No Pun Intended.)
"The emotions come through loud & clear--so much so, that I was teary eyed when I read of the deaths of some key figures in their lives. I loved reading about their 'near misses' in finding one another...the dream wedding, the travels to the other side of the world to bring their children home. I didn't want to put this book down...yet, I didn't want it to end!"
Those who love the reality TV show are loving the book even more, as it goes into more than a little detail about the couple and their kids. It offers new background information, with new insights into their lives before the show. It reveals details previously unknown about the couple and their kids. Many lucky fans will be able to enjoy a free signed copy of the Little Couple book.