Video claims to show Ahmadinejad and clerics planning to eliminate Iranian democracy

A video that claims to show Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Iranian clerics planning to eliminate Iranian democracy has surfaced online.

The video is Farsi, so it’s difficult to be 100% sure of its contents, however Iranian Twitter users claim that it shows Ahmadinejad discussing changing the Islamic republic system in Iran at the moment to a dictatorship.

The following translation via HotAir, and video below. If the translation is accurate, its content could be explosive, and may help Iranian protesters gain further support within Iran itself.

Apparently Mesbah Yazdi has spoken and it is Ahmadinejad’s turn to speak.

He thanks the audience with common Arabic courtesies:

Ahmadinejad humbly requests that special attention be paid to what he is to say which is about staring pure Islamic rule, not only in Iran but all over the world. He said we had a set back because we were not doing our Islamic duty to pressure people be more enlightened with Mohammadan Islam.

Islamic rule should not and cannot be limited only to Iran. Our efforts to expand it throughout the world are soon to be materialized with the help from God.

Struggle against corruption is of course enjoyable, but the ultimate joy will be the time when we realize the final heart-desired aim. We are always at work to realize that ultimate objective. I believe that revolution is beginning to find its way and a renewed evolution is taking place in it.

The revolution was hard and, began with difficulty, and the road ahead is even harder and more difficult. But this difficult road is exactly what to be expected.

There is enormous energy which has started within the country and is serving the country and is expanding, but needs guidance and supervision/management.

All the things that we have planned and talked about, is becoming a reality.

This plan needs strong ideological and operational support from you. The best place to start it is right here and in front of you. Who have the foresight, passion, experience and fortitude to ensure that it takes shape and becomes a reality.

I think timing is right, all necessary arrangements have been made. I seek your support and help. I am almost nobody compared to you in this struggle, in this grand movement. This is a blessing and is the beginning of a grand evolution in the world. I think this can become a reality. And building Iran as an example for others to follow and be a witness to on the road to realize the grand Islam.

It is possible to accomplish this, otherwise I would not be here sitting with you. Tehran is ready; the university is working on implementing it. Everything is taken care of in Tehran; we need your endorsement and approval.