Ted Nugent Slams President Obama As a 'Racist Freak' Who Loves Gun-Free Zones

Robert Jonathan

Ted Nugent is still not a fan of President Obama or his gun-control policies.

The controversial rock star, avid hunter, outspoken gun rights advocate, and long-time Obama foe once again made his feelings clear, this time on the Joe "Pags" Pagliarulo syndicated radio show.

To no one's surprise, Nugent had a strong reaction to Obama's CNN town hall about gun control which was a follow-up to his prior announcement in the East Room of the White House about new gun control regulations that he was putting into effect via executive order rather than through legislation passed by Congress.

Among other things, the president wants to expand the background checks for individuals who purchase guns and other weapons. In addition, he also wants more weapon sellers to acquire licenses and reduce the number of small sellers who are exempted from getting the appropriate documentation.

During the televised town hall event at George Mason University in Virginia, the president at one point claimed that his policies will make it "a little more difficult and a little more expensive" to obtain a firearm, which, in his view, could deter straw purchases of guns for resale to wrongdoers, thereby reducing crime.

According to the Associated Press, none of the gun control policies Obama announced on Tuesday would have prevented the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, (the reminder of which previously brought Obama to tears), the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, or any other recent mass shooting, however.

The right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Legal gun sales since Obama took office as president have gone through the roof, and background checks on Black Friday 2015 apparently set an all-time record.

On the radio show (clip embedded below), in calling attention to famous book for community organizers called Rules for Radicals authored by Saul Alinsky, the Motor City Madman was particularly incensed about gun-free zones, and in the process coined a new term -- fedzilla.

"The president's a freak. The president is a Saul Alinsky master of puppetry. Think about this; no one can refute this, Joe. The president loves gun-free zones. The most innocent lives in the United States of America have been lost in every instance in gun-free zones. Contemplate this next statement. Knowing that the most innocent lives are lost in gun-free zones, what kind of evil, facilitating complicit freak would want more gun-free zones. That's like literally saying, this is the whitewater rapids where all the children have died, line the children up to jump in the whitewater rapids. This is Fedzilla at its most evil. This is Fedzilla on the side of criminals."

In his radio soliloquy, Nugent also made reference to the fatal shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in February 2012.

"The president wasn't fooling; he wasn't hiding his racism when he said if he had a son he might look like Trayvon Martin, because the president was referencing color of skin, not content of character. I dare anybody to debate me that the president wasn't being racist when he claimed because of the color of Trayvon's skin -- not the fact the his mother kicked him out of the house, not the fact that he was a known thief, not the fact that he was a known drug addict, not the fact that he was a known thug -- the color of his skin was the judgment made by the president of the United States. This is sad."

[Photo by Jeff Daly/Invision/AP]