Lil Wayne 'Sizzurp' Dubai Rumors Sizzle, New Trukfit Fashion Launch

Lil Wayne took time out of his busy schedule with his upcoming Dedication tour to perform in Dubai, but he may have made a key mistake with his choice of beverage in this conservative Arab country -- if speculation can be believed.

However, it appears that Lil Wayne is not wearing handcuffs and is already back in America. While he may be accused of drinking "sizzurp" while in the United Arab Emirates, Lil Wayne seems to have been well-received in Dubai and was asked to stay a second night.

Interestingly, there are some publications, such as SOHH, that claim Lil Wayne could receive "serious legal backlash" from drinking a cup of what appears to be "sizzurp" in a country like Dubai.

TMZ added to this with "Of course, he's Weezy, so maybe regular rules don't apply to him... even in the Middle East."

Sadly, if past news headlines are correct, there is some truth to the fact that Lil Wayne may have some things to worry about as far as breaking laws in countries like the United Arab Emirates.

Lil Wayne may not know sizzurp is illegal in Dubai
Lil Wayne and other celebrities may not be aware that things like "sizzurp" could be illegal in Dubai. (Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

For instance, Gulf News shows that Lil Wayne might need to be careful because small incidents with drugs (even for celebrities) can result in jail time in Dubai. It was reported around December 10, 2015, that Swedish actor, Farzan Athari, was "serving 10-year jail for possessing 21 grams of cocaine when he was [in Dubai] in 2013."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne has never been to Dubai before, and therefore may not have been aware of the laws concerning intoxicants in that country. One of the things that Lil Wayne may have been doing differently when visiting Dubai as a celebrity was attending a VIP performance in a private room as opposed to a public performance or concert.

For now, no one knows if there will be any legal trouble because Lil Wayne may or may not have been pictured with a cup containing soda or "sizzurp" in the first place. After all, Lil Wayne drinking soda out of a large cup does not necessarily mean there was anything else in that cup besides soda and/or ice.

Also, unlike America, AccuWeather states that January 14 in Dubai had warm weather with a temperature high of about 75-degrees (and about 65 percent humidity). In other words, Lil Wayne was probably drinking from a big, double-insulated cup to stay hydrated in the notoriously muggy Persian Gulf heat.

It also looks like Lil Wayne was a big hit because he had intended to do one show in Dubai -- but got added to another event the following night on January 15, according to Young Money.

Lil Wayne thanks fans with the Dedication tour
Lil Wayne starts his Dedication tour as a way to thank his fans. (Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Gulf News and others were happy to welcome Lil Wayne to the United Arab Emirates for a second night, but explained it was not exactly a Lil Wayne performance. To clarify, they stated the following about what to expect from Lil Wayne's second night in Dubai.

"So, if you missed his Dubai debut at the VIP Room last night, then this will probably be your last chance to hip-hop with the rapper, in person. We're not sure if he's going to perform at the venue, but an inside source told us 'if he chooses to perform, then he will.'"
According to pictures on the fan-created website Lil Wayne HQ, Weezy had a great time in Dubai (a city well-known for haute couture fashion) and then flew directly to Miami to promote his new Trukfit fashion line.

Billboard writes on January 15 that Lil Wayne cut it close by taking on the extra day in Dubai because he was expected in Miami, Florida, on Sunday, January 17, at the LIV nightclub at the Fontainebleau Hotel for an Agenda fashion trade show appearance.

In addition, Lil Wayne will be in Miami for his Trukfit booth at the Agenda fashion trade show at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, January 19.

After he takes care of business in Miami, Lil Wayne will be trucking over to El Paso, Texas, to start his two-month-long Dedication tour starting on January 21.

El Paso Times quotes Brian Kennedy, CEO of the El Paso Sports Commission, stating the following about Lil Wayne on January 14.

"[Lil Wayne is] doing a tour of markets he wouldn't usually do. He's said that he's doing it because he wants to reach out to fans that don't normally get a chance to see him, and I think, as an artist of his stature, he's to be commended for that."
Of course, somewhere along the way, Lil Wayne will be taking time out of his fan-loyalty tour to do some recording. MTV reports on January 12 that Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and Mannie Fresh will be recording and releasing a new collaborative album in 2016.

Another Lil Wayne album that is currently in the works is Colliegrove with 2 Chainz, according to Baller Status.

[Picture by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]