Mike Krzyzewski, Lebron James Confident in 2012 Team USA

While many are questioning whether Team USA has the man-power to compete in this year’s Olympic games in London, members of the squad itself are quite confident that they will be able to bring home gold for the US.

“There’s nothing that we don’t have on this roster,” reigning NBA VMP Lebron James said after Team USA’s first practice Friday afternoon.

Missing potentially half of its ideal roster due to injuries and personal issues, Team USA is set to kick off the 2012 Olympic Basketball tournament against Spurs guard Tony Parker and the French national team July 29.

With its three best big-men — Orlando’s Dwight Howard (back), Portland’s LaMarcus Aldridge and Miami’s Chris Bosh (abdominal muscle) — unable to compete, the significantly smaller squad will be forced to switch up its game to “fill the void.”

“We lost some big guys, which hurt, but we have a lot of athleticism,” team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “We just have to figure out how to use that to our best advantage.”

One solution, as pointed out by CBSSports, is to “look no further than the do-it-all James,” known for his ability to play all five positions on the court when called upon.

“I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to win,” LeBron said when asked if he would play center. “We’ve got some guys who are going to play both small and big, nothing that changes for us.”

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant agreed that team USA’s lack of size was a definite problem, but like James, said this year’s squad has more than enough to win with.

“We all know what’s at stake and we all know what we’re playing for,” Durant said. “We’re playing for our country, of course, and we want to get that gold. So guys are going to come out and be team first guys and we know everybody’s game inside and out, we’ve played against them so many times during the regular season.

“So we know these games inside and out and it’s just a matter of us getting the system down, defensive and offensive end, and everybody’s going to play together.”

via ESPN