Channing Tatum “Hates” ‘Magic Mike’ Co-Star Alex Pettyfer

In Magic Mike, Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer’s characters get a long pretty well, you could say. On the set, however, it may have been the opposite, if a rumor from Us Magazine is to be believed.

According to the publication, Tatum actually hated Pettyfer. One source told the mag that the two actually got into “massive” fights on the set, one of which resulted from Tatum, co-producer of Magic Mike, cutting one of Pettyfer’s scenes.

Us Magazine reports:

“Alex was a jerk to everyone during filming for no reason. He thinks he’s the star of the movie, not Channing or Matthew McConaughey. They had massive fights on set. He hates Alex. Channing thought Alex was a diva on set.”

In the movie, Pettyfer plays Adam, an up-and-coming stripper who is taught the ins and outs of the naughtier side of the dancing world by Tatum’s character.

To potentially make matters even worse for Magic Mike fans, Tatum and Petterfy’s bad blood is apparently still there. At the film’s premiere in L.A. on June 25, the two made an effort to stay as far away from each other as possible, and barely interacted throughout the whole thing.

“Channing refuses to do appearances alone with Alex,” the source claimed. “He’ll never work with him again.”

[Image credit: Claudette Barius/Warner Bros.]