Beyoncé Pregnant? Singer Reportedly Inspired To Try For Baby No. 2 After Seeing Kanye West Bond With His New Son

Rumors that Beyoncé may be pregnant again have been spreading around the internet after some suspicious pictures emerged, and now there are reports that she may have been inspired to have baby No. 2 after seeing how happy their friend Kanye West was to have a boy.

This week, pictures emerged of Beyoncé wearing a bulky jacket and covering up what may have been a baby bump, Hollywood Life noted. This appeared to confirm reports from October 2015 that Beyoncé was already sporting a small bump, as her latest pictures could show her a few months along.

There are other signs that Beyoncé could be pregnant. She was recently photographed during a family vacation to France and Spain with a covered-up bikini. She was later seen in Italy with a bikini-top and high-waisted skirt, but kept her stomach continually covered with her hand.

The reports that Beyoncé may be pregnant are boosted by other reports that she has actually been reaching out to Kim Kardashian for advice on how to handle two children at home.

A report from Hollywood Life claimed that Beyoncé and Jay Z have been "trying for another child" so she can give her husband a son to share the bond she sees between Kanye West and his new son, Saint.

But, the report did not say that Beyoncé was pregnant just yet.

"Beyonce's definitely trying to get pregnant," a source told Hollywood Life. "HOVA has given her everything she's wanted in life and she wants to give him the ultimate gift every father dreams of – a son! She's been on the phone with Kim [Kardashian] constantly, asking about her pregnancy with Saint. But even more than that, B's been interrogating Kim about what it's like to have a son and asking about Kanye and Saint's interactions."

The report went on to add that Kim said there's "something magical" about the way Kanye West interacts with his son.

"It's a bond that only a father has with his son and Kim explained to Bey that she wants to cry every time Kanye holds the boy," the source added. "Beyoncé was blown away the connection that Kanye and Saint have and she wants Jay to experience that. They're very sexually active and trying to achieve just that."

Other reports claim that Beyoncé has been carefully planning the pregnancy to fit into their busy schedules, and has been working on it for a long time.

"They [Beyoncé and Jay Z] want to give Blue a sibling and not too far apart in age," an insider told Us Weekly last January. "She's been trying to lighten her load a little, so if it happens she's prepared work-wise."

It's not clear just how much truth there is to the rumors. There have been many reports in the past stating Beyoncé might be pregnant, and none of them have come true. It's also unclear just how far along she might be. If Beyoncé really has become pregnant as far back as September 2015, she would conceivably be in her second trimester and it would become obvious very soon that she's pregnant.

There are also many who see these pregnancy reports as a double standard, as any celebrity who wears a loose-fitting shirt or may have gained a bit of weight are inevitably hit with these rumors.

If it is true that Beyoncé is pregnant, then she would be fairly far along. Assuming reports from September were the start of her pregnancy, then she would be due sometime this summer.

[Picture by Al Bello/Getty Images]