Let’s see … iPhone or less harm to the environment – which would you pick?

Technology is a driving force in our world, however if that world is facing environmental problems which do you think the majority of people would choose?

The Shelton Group wondered the same thing which lead to a recent study using a sampling group of 1,006 and asked them the the following question – “If these things were harming the environment, which of the following would you be willing to give up?,” The percentages of those who would be willing to do without some gadget or modern convenience broke down like this:

  • iPod – 38 percent
  • Dishwasher – 35 percent
  • Microwave – 25 percent
  • Cellular phone – 21 percent
  • Air conditioning – 14 percent
  • TV – 13 percent
  • Computer – 7 percent
  • Car – 6 percent
  • None of the above – 21 percent
  • All of the above – 6 percent

In other words says market researcher Suzanne Shelton, “Consumers don’t want to give up the modern conveniences of life. We’re all basically saying, ‘I’ll be green as long it doesn’t make me uncomfortable or inconvenienced.'”

This doesn’t surprise me one little bit.

hat tip to EcoGeek.org