‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: A Major Return, Regina’s Dead Enemies, And More Teased

Fans of Once Upon a Time still have two months to wait for the return of the series, but there are some surprising new spoilers available now for the return of Emma and the rest of the heroes. In fact, Emma might see someone very surprising when she arrives in the Underworld in Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 12 titled “Souls of the Departed.”

Warning: Stop reading now if you do not want to know about a major return to the series.

Emma went to the Underworld to save Hook after she found out Rumpelstiltskin tricked him. Well, she might meat another former love once she arrives. Spoiler TV shared a tweet featuring the photo of a music call, and the title for the music is Neal’s Warning. That would hint at the return of Michael Raymond-James.

Neal was a big part of Emma’s life, and he died. His being in the Underworld would be a shock, but it would also make sense. He might have some unfinished business with the people he left behind when he died. Emma, his father, and his son have dealt with the loss. Emma has moved on with Hook, but seeing Neal would stir things up for Emma.

Rumpelstiltskin will also have to face Neal after his latest dark act. How would Neal react once he knew that his father was freed from being the dark one and willingly returned to that state when he tricked Hook? That might be a conversation fans would love to see.

Emma is not the only one that will see people from her past. Regina will face a lot of people that she killed during her Evil Queen days. She might be on the side of the heroes now, but the dead she sent to the Underworld will not be happy with her.

Lana Parrilla spoke about Regina’s issues in the Underworld with Entertainment Weekly. She will not run and hide from the people she finds in the Underworld.

“She wants to confront these souls and these people that she has hurt, that she has killed. She’s on the right path, and she’s still on the path of redemption. She still wants to make amends with people and still trying to do the right thing. She’s really embracing the hero within her.”

Regina has changed the most since Once Upon a Time Season 1. Some might say Emma has changed the most because of her time as the Dark Swan, but Emma is now back to normal. Even when she embraced her dark side, she tried to do things good. Regina’s change shows real growth of character, and she is still on the road to redemption as Parrilla said to Entertainment Weekly.

The time the heroes spend in the Underworld will not be easy though. Adam Horowitz teased a bit about the journey ahead during Once Upon a Time Season 5B to TV Line.

“The Underworld, which in small part ‘looks like a screwed-up version of Storybrooke,’ says co-creator Adam Horowitz. And though our heroes embarked to save Hook, ‘That impetus is the tip of the iceberg,’ Horowitz makes clear. ‘That’s just our entry way to another world and a wealth of stories that impact all our characters.'”

Emma will need to be the savior once again, and her parents will also face consequences for leaving their son behind. Hades, who is being played by Greg Germann, will play a major role in the drama, and Bella and Zelena will also have large roles to play. Belle was left behind in Storybrooke. Set photos, shared in a previous Inquisitr report, have revealed Zelena makes it to the Underworld at some point. Fans will also see the return of Ruby and Mulan during Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 18. They will have someone with them too.

It does sound like fans are in for quite a journey when Once Upon a Time returns on March 6.

[Photo via ABC]