Steven Avery: Mother Doesn’t Think Teresa Halbach Is Dead, Details Left Out Of Documentary

Steven Avery, the subject of the popular Netflix documentary series, Making a Murder, has a plethora of people talking about him, including his own mother, who doesn’t think that Teresa Halbach is really dead.

People reports that Steven Avery’s mother, Dolores Avery, 78, spoke to Boston’s WAAF radio on Wednesday. When asked about Teresa Halbach (the woman her son is accused of killing) and who she thought may have killed her, Dolores claimed that she’s not sure that the victim is really dead.

“I don’t know, but I wish the person could come forward. I don’t think she’s even dead. I don’t think so.”

The radio host reminded Dolores Avery that the victim’s bones were found on the family’s land, but the concerned mother has doubts about that as well.

“How do you know if them were her bones?”

Although forensic evidence shows that Halbach’s bones were indeed found in Steven Avery’s yard, his mom indicated that if the bones were truly found, they must have been planted. She also claimed that Halbach’s car key was planted in her son’s room.

“[Then] somebody planted them. They planted the key.”

Earlier this year, Dolores, who has stuck by her son’s side since he was convicted in 2009 of killing Halbach, admitted she felt “horrible” and saddened after watching Making a Murderer. Angry, she said that she feels terrible for son and that the police officers in the video lied about numerous things.

“I feel terrible. I feel terrible for Steven. The cops lied!”

Steven Avery maintains his innocence and agrees with his mother that he may have been framed. He’s not alone in believing in his innocence. Once Netflix released its popular documentary series, thousands of people spoke out on social media, stating that Steven Avery never had a fair trial. An online petition was created shortly after, in an attempt to get law enforcement in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, to free him.

“Steven Avery should be exonerated at once by pardon, and the Manitowoc County officials complicit in his two false imprisonments should be held accountable to the highest extent of the U.S. criminal and civil justice systems.”

The petition, still open on, currently has more than 430,000 signatures.

Yet, not everyone agrees that Steven Avery is truly innocent, and some people believe that the documentary series was one-sided in favor of Steven. Huffpost Crime reports that the docu-series also left out important details of the past crimes that he committed. Although the film included his previous acts of burning a cat and running a cousin off the road, there’s no mention of his domestic abuse issues.

Jodi Stachowski, Avery’s former fiance, recently opened up in interview on HLN, indicating that she was scared of Steven, who allegedly constantly beat her when he got angry.

“He’d beat me all the time, punch me, throw me against the wall. He’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Manitowoc County sheriff’s department records confirm that police were dispatched to the Avery home on numerous occasions for domestic issues. One of the records, documented in 2004, shows that Stachowski accused Avery of pushing her to the floor, strangling her, and threatening to kill her. Stachowski stated she was unconscious after being strangled and when she woke up, Avery was dragging her to his car. An officer intervened and arrested Avery.

Other records show that Avery had similar domestic issues with his former wife, Lori Dassey.

Despite Stachowski appearing in the documentary series as one of her former fiance’s most stout supporters, she admits that Steven Avery coerced her and told her what to say and do.

“He told me how to act. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to get hurt.”

Steven Avery is serving a life sentence for murder at the Waupun Correctional Institution, in Waupun, Wisconsin.

[Photo by Morry Gash/Ap Images Pool]