Why Harry Styles Will Avoid The Kardashian Curse

Watch out Harry! When those photos of Harry Styles frolicking on a yacht with Kendall Jenner hit the press, and it later emerged that Harry and Kendall are indeed dating, many people were worried that the sexy One Direction star would suffer from getting involved with the Kardashians.

The family has a complex dynamic, a scandal-plagued history, a relentless business drive (arguably to the extent of being "trashy" and fame-hungry) and a questionable reputation.

"Kris' plans reportedly include having [Harry] visit the house, and go on double dates with Kim Kardashian, 34, and Kanye West, 38."
Harry himself seems to be aware that getting involved with the family may be a fraught venture, not to be entered into lightly. When Harry and Kendall broke up after dating briefly in 2013, tabloids even quoted a source as saying, "the thought of spending time with [Kendall's] family terrifies [Harry]."

Hip Hop Wired has provided a handy list of the men "burned by the Kardashians," a family that is an example of a contemporary matriarchy, and that appears to have an unusual power dynamic. Hollywood Life is already reporting that Harry may have caused some strife in the family by earning a little too much hearty approval from momager Kris Jenner.

If anyone can navigate that minefield, it's media-trained, deep-thinking Harry Styles. Here is why Harry will survive a trip through the Kardashian tumble-drier and emerge with his money and sanity intact.

Harry will follow the Kanye West mould, not the Kris Humphries mould

Harry has reluctantly stated that he will appear on reality television program Keeping Up With The Kardashians, according to Hollywood Life. A source revealed that he will do it to make the gorgeous Kendall happy.

"Harry is very serious about his acting career and he wants to be taken seriously. He doesn't want his appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians to hurt his image in any way. But if going on the show a couple of times will make Kris happy and more importantly Kendall, he'll do it, no problem."
It appears Harry is thinking carefully indeed. The hunk has decided he will mimic Kanye West's strategy and only appear on the show in very small doses -- and he will reportedly only do it if the episode involves Kanye West.

Kanye is arguably the only man who has ever survived a Kardashian marriage unscathed. The rap superstar keeps his appearances on KUWTK to an elegant minimum. Many articles over the years have theorized that the Kardashian alliance may be hurting celebrated artist Kanye, but he appears to have come through OK, and kept busty Kim happy in the process.

"At first Harry was like no way, but now he's open to the idea of appearing on a few episodes if they include Kanye West. He would actually be really excited if this were the case... So far, appearing on KUWTK hasn't hurt Kanye's career in any way, but he's made sure that he's only filmed for the show in very small doses. And just like Harry, he does it to please his woman, Kim Kardashian."
Kendall is the most serious Kardashian/Jenner sister and is committed to finding love

Adorable Kendall is not just easy on the eye, she is serious and committed to finding love. In fact, the brunette turned to dating gurus after her first relationship with Harry failed, as reported by IBT Times.

Kris Jenner has commented on her stunning daughter's attitude, saying "Kendall can get too serious sometimes," as reported by Hollywood Life. However, this will probably work to Kendall's advantage. In a family that is often criticized for its frivolity -- and that has produced more than its share of failed marriages -- seriousness and strategic thinking is not actually a flaw. It is an asset, and it will protect loved-up Harry as much as it works for the stunning Victoria's Secret model.

Harry knows all about the world of Showbiz

Harry has enough experience of the media, and enough experience saying "no" to hangers-on who try to pressure him, to navigate this next chapter. The men who fell victim to the so-called Kardashian Curse were normally sports stars or normal guys who had less experience dealing with the spotlight than a superstar like Harry does.

Harry does not value fame

Just yesterday, a Harry Styles insider revealed what the hunk is truly like, as reported by Inquisitr.

Apparently, Harry does not prioritize fame as the most important thing in his life; Harry has reportedly said that fame is "fake and transient," and likes to focus more on personal development and his ties to his family. This sounds like the approach of someone who will easily reject any dubious ideas that could ruin his life, or his relationship with sexy Kendall Jenner.

"Harry regards fame as 'fake and transient,' and focuses on cultivating his ties to his family and his attitude."
Will Harry Styles avoid the Kardashian curse?
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