Is Louis Tomlinson The Victim Of An Orchestrated Smear Campaign?

Louis Tomlinson has been subjected to a seemingly never ending stream of negative stories in recent months. One Direction star Louis has been accused of being a deadbeat dad, a serial womanizer, a drunk, and a love rat who dumped his pregnant girlfriend to jet off with an actress. Now to be fair, some sections of the U.K. media are famous for how they build stars up only to attempt to tear them down again at a later date. It certainly seems that 24-year-old Louis is being subjected to well-trodden path of negativity at present.

Many of Tomlinson's fans will be wondering why One Direction's mighty publicity machine has not been cranked up to support Louis. One has to wonder if One Direction's forthcoming hiatus has led the band's management to believe that by taking a lengthy break, Tomlinson and his band-mates will cease to be relevant. As a result, they are unwilling to invest in protecting a brand that they believe may be passed its sell-by date by the time they return.

It may also be the case that by reportedly making Briana Jungwirth pregnant, Tomlinson has been seen to damage the One Direction brand. Could it be that One Direction's management see Tomlinson as damaged goods and are trying to force him into quitting one of the world's biggest bands?

What is especially baffling about Tomlinson's media coverage is the fact that there are plenty of major league positive stories that could easily be used to counter the negativity. Earlier this week, it was reported in The Inquisitr that Tomlinson and his mother Johannah Deakin do a huge amount of unheralded good work with charities and show an extraordinary level of kindness. Oddly, whilst Louis quietly continues to do these things, his management allows the negative and frequently unfair coverage to continue.

Many fans even believe that One Direction's management team may be behind much of the negative coverage. It does seem that the sources of the negative press tend to lead back directly or indirectly to Simon Cowell and Syco.

Anyone with a keen interest in Tomlinson or One Direction will know that a lot of negative stories originate in U.K. tabloid the Sun. It was the Sun's U.S. editor Pete Samson that broke the story that Louis and Briana Jungwirth were to have a baby. Mr Samson is married to Simon Cowell's PR Chief Anne-Marie Samson.

Sun journalist Dan Wootton is perhaps the man that One Direction fans love to hate. He is often the source of negative stories about Tomlinson and One Direction and yet he and Simon Jones, co-founder of One Direction's PR company HJPR, are believed to be close.

Bauer media group is another major source of negative stories about Tomlinson. The cross platform media group has been the source of numerous articles about Tomlinson and One Direction. Just this week, one of Bauer's magazines, Life and Style ran a piece that intimated that Tomlinson had abandoned Jungwirth leaving her to assemble IKEA furniture by herself just before the baby's arrival.

Media Week reported back in 2013 that Bauer had hired Mark Hardy in the new role of group digital director for its London lifestyle and radio brands. Hardy was the marketing director for Simon Cowell-owned Syco Entertainment, where he presided over the global launch of One Direction.

Of course, the media world is a fairly small club, but there are so many links between the outlets trashing Tomlinson's image and Simon Cowell. Of course, Cowell did reportedly assist Tomlinson in setting up his own label under the Sony label and he did call on Louis to appear on X-factor when the show was struggling for ratings.

With so many links from Cowell to these outlets it is hard to believe that influence could not be brought to bear to support Tomlinson's reputation. It seems that one Direction's team have no interest in defending Tomlinson. fans will wonder why Tomlinson's team continue to allow Louis' reputation to be damaged.

Could it be that Tomlinson's team have an interest in seeing Louis' reputation tarnished?

What do you think about how Louis Tomlinson is being portrayed in the media. Let us know below.

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Sony Pictures]