Hillary Clinton Reveals Her Technological Likes And Dislikes, But Where Does Snapchat Sit?

Thursday night saw the latest debate between the Republican candidates for the 2016 United States Presidential run. So what was the Democratic front runner doing whilst the debate was unfolding? Hillary Clinton was appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, where she took some time to explain her technological likes and dislikes. If one thing has become apparent from that interview, it’s that Hillary hates iPhone auto-correct, but loves Snapchat.

Technology hasn’t exactly taken center stage when it comes to candidates’ platforms, so it’s definitely interesting to see Hillary Clinton expressing her views and showing that she can do an awful lot more with her iPhone than your mother can.

Clinton was keen to point out the fact that she absolutely loves her iPhone and simply couldn’t live without it, however, there’s one key feature about her Apple phone that really gets her riled up. What is that feature? Auto-correct. The Democratic frontrunner went on to explain that there’s no logic behind how the iPhone’s auto-correct system works and it simply just gets in the way of what you’re trying to do.

“Their spell-check takes the word I’m trying to type and totally throws it out and puts something else in that has absolutely no meaning.”

Whilst not being particularly keen on exactly how the iPhone’s auto-correct functionality works, Hillary Clinton did go on to explain that she’s a big fan of photo/video messaging service, Snapchat. In fact, the former First Lady and Secretary of State went on to whip out her own iPhone and snap a couple of shots with Jimmy Fallon. This clearly came to the amusement of the show’s host and lead to some pretty interesting photos being let out amongst Clinton’s friends on the service.

With the gap between different Presidential candidates becoming smaller by the day, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that these fluffy little television appearances do matter. We’ve already seen Republican front runner Donald Trump show a complete disinterest in technology, so it’s pretty clear that Clinton is aiming for the metropolitan technology loving voter base with her expression of love for Snapchat. However, it’s still worth considering that some voters are going to assume this to be fakery from Hillary. In fact, some voters may even go on to question whether or not Hillary cares what Snapchat is or even has it.

As you may already be aware, Snapchat is becoming a popular platform in the capital right now, with even The White House joining in on the action with their own account on the picture based social network. The first photograph shared from the account appeared to show an open shot in the Oval Office whilst preparations were undergoing for President Obama’s final State of the Union address on Tuesday. In all, social media appears to have played a big part in this administration, with numerous attempts by President Obama to modernize the executive branch of government. This became especially apparent when Obama gained his own Facebook and Twitter profiles earlier last year.

In conclusion, it may not mean a lot to some people that Hillary Clinton has come out to express her technological views. However, for some metropolitan technology loving voters, it certainly allows the Democratic front runner to connect with them better. In fact, it’s no surprise to see her doing so at a time when the Presidential race is so close.

If Hillary Clinton wants to maintain that firm chance of receiving the Democratic Party’s nomination for the 2016 Presidential Election, she knows full well that she needs to continue picking up votes from across a number of different demographics.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]