WWE News: The Rock Set To Have A Big Role At ‘WrestleMania 32,’ Despite Being Unable To Wrestle A Match

When it comes to The Rock, WWE wants to use him all the time. He is a huge star these days, but back in his WWE days he was also known as a huge draw for the company. WWE fans loved him then, so it was obvious that even if The Rock never became the huge movie star he is today, fans would want to see him even still. However, he now is a huge star from cinema and WWE now can use this as a way to get casual fans to come in and watch programs he is part of.

They can even entice past fans to come back just because The Rock is present as well. Now that Rock and WWE are friendly again, he has not missed a WrestleMania since WrestleMania 27 where he was the host. While he has competed at a few since, he is unable to wrestle at this event due to a movie commitment forcing him not to. The idea originally was to have him face Triple H at the event in a singles match. There was also a plan to have Ronda Rousey wrestle in a tag match with him against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Another idea was having Ronda in Rock’s corner with Steph in Triple H’s for their singles match. All of this was busted when Rock could not wrestle at WrestleMania 32. That does not mean the most electrifying man in all of entertainment cannot have a big role at WrestleMania.

Rock Ronda
According to Cageside Seats, while Rock is still scheduled to not wrestle at WrestleMania, he will still have a huge role in the event. There is said to be a plan for him to help his cousin Roman Reigns out at the event. He very well could be in Reigns’ corner as he faces off with The Authority.

The planned main event for WrestleMania 32 is said to be Roman Reigns vs Triple H. Injuries have forced this match into happening later. The idea for this match originally was for it to happen at The Royal Rumble in a few weeks. However, John Cena had to have surgery which is now forcing him to miss WrestleMania. Cena was set to win the Royal Rumble match at last plan. It was not going to be for the WWE World Title at this point either.

Reigns/HHH would have been the title match for the show, where Reigns would have won and he would have gone on to face John Cena at WrestleMania in the main event. Sadly once Cena went down, WWE had to change up plans and still keep a huge focus on the Rumble as well as the championship. That brings us to now where WWE has to sort of re-plan the entire WrestleMania event.

While The Rock has always been part of Mania plans, his role at the event has changed up a lot in the last year mostly due to his current movie commitments. Rock is going to be there, but the role he will have needs to also be big due to the fact that the show is lacking stars right now. The injury bug has been a massive issue for WWE in both 2015 and now 2016.

Rock Reigns
Seth Rollins, John Cena, Randy Orton, and more are all unable to perform due to injury at Wrestlemania. Cesaro also had to go under the knife in 2015 but could very well be healed up just enough to work WrestleMania in some capacity.

This has also led to many assuming that the NJPW stars might be part of WrestleMania plans simply because WWE has to add stars. AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura are both big around the world and while casual fans may not know them, several fans would who do not want WWE or may have drifted away. Styles performing at WrestleMania alone is well worth the buy. Adding in The Rock only helps this.

One thing WWE may have an issue with is Rock overshadowing his cousin, who they are trying to build as the next big thing. This is taking a lot more time than WWE wanted and while he has improved, he has not done enough for all fans to be behind him. Despite this issue for Reigns, WWE needs to have Rock involved in a big angle and having him help his family member is the easiest story to write.

[Image via WWE]