‘Booty Pop’ Called Child Abuse: 6-Year-Old Rapper’s Explicit Video Draws Fire [Video]

“Booty Pop,” the first music video from 6-year-old rapper Albert Roundtree Jr., is getting quite a bit of heat on the internet. But there’s a good chance Albert doesn’t know what the fuss is about–he’s too young to watch his own video, which has been flagged on YouTube for adult content.

The video is the first for the South Florida rapper, who is described in the YouTube description as a music prodigy at singing and playing the piano–though he shows neither of these skills in “Booty Pop.” Instead the nearly three minute video features Albert dressed up in baller outfits while he boasts of his “swag” and ability to… well, make booties pop. During the video he is surrounded by women in bikinis who dance and gyrate close to Albert. In a move that he probably won’t even understand for a few more years, the rapper very suggestively squirts water on the women from a squirt gun held at crotch level.

Vibe pulled no punches, calling the video child abuse and asking readers to imagine what kind of reaction the video would have gotten if it was “a 6-year-old girl swimming in a sea of d-ck soup.” It has also earned the scorn of viewers on popular sites like Reddit and World Star Hip Hop.

The company that produced the video, Froze-N-Time Productions, apparently didn’t understand the outrage. They have been asking people to spread the word and make “Booty Pop” a viral hit, even calling it “the music video to end all music video,” Gawker reported.

The video’s director, Tyler Council, president of Frozen-N-Time Productions, said people are taking it too seriously.

“It’s supposed to be a joke, but I’d say about 30 percent of the people watching it find it funny,” Council told the Miami New Times. “But I still don’t regret it.”

The video was commissioned by Albert’s parents, who said they hope their son can become a rap star. Council said he needed work, so he said he took their money and made the video. The video was uploaded to Facebook on Monday, and Council said by the end of the week he expects one million views.

This might not be the end for the star of “Booty Pop,” either. His parents have already paid for another music video, though the title doesn’t sound much more promising–“Girls, Girls, Girls.”