Erika Girardi Attends Yolanda Foster's Birthday Lunch

Erika Girardi recently helped Yolanda Foster celebrate her birthday. On Friday, Yolanda posted a photo from her birthday lunch. The photo shows Yolanda and her girl friends, one of whom was Erika, throwing some confetti around in celebration of her birthday.

Yolanda made clear in her caption that she's grateful for the support and companionship of her friends. She noted that when women support each other, incredible things happen. Yolanda turned 52 on Monday.

Another photo that Yolanda posted of her birthday lunch shows Yolanda and Erika enjoying some pizza. Yolanda wrote that it's good to learn who is a true friend who would risk it all for you. Yolanda obviously considers Erika one of her true friends.Erika and the other ladies treated Yolanda to a pretty birthday cake. The inscription on the birthday cake wished "Yo" a happy birthday and reminded her that her friends love her.Another photo that Yolanda posted from the birthday lunch shows all of the women putting their hands together. As with her other photos, Yolanda wrote something about friendship for her photo comment. She wrote that friendship isn't about who has been there the longest but about who stood by you and never left.Was Yolanda Foster's comments about friendship meant as slight digs at some of her The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars? Yolanda has on the show frequently expressed her disappointment that some of the women whom she considered friends haven't been there as much as she would like. On season 5, Yolanda told Lisa Vanderpump that she was upset that she wasn't invited to her Palm Springs Walk of Stars ceremony. On season 4, Yolanda said that Lisa, who is good friends with her ex-husband Mohamed Hadid, didn't visit her much as she battled Lyme Disease.

Yolanda's questioning of Lisa's friendship has continued on the current season. Yolanda has criticized not only Lisa but also Kyle Richards and, in particular, Lisa Rinna for their part in talking about her illness. In one scene, the three women started talking about Yolanda's Lyme Disease. Lisa R. then brought up Munchausen Syndrome, clearly wondering if that is something that might apply in Yolanda's situation. After reading to the other women what Munchausen Syndrome means, Lisa R. expressed regret upon bringing it up.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Yolanda blasted the women in a blog post after the episode aired. She wrote that them questioning her illness showed their weakness and ignorance.

One woman on the show who has not questioned Yolanda's illness at all is newcomer Erika Girardi. She was introduced to the other women and viewers as someone who has been friends with Yolanda for years. Erika met Yolanda through her husband, attorney Tom Girardi, who is friends with Yolanda's now soon-to-be ex-husband David Foster.

During her appearance on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live talk show last week, Erika said that Lisa Rinna bringing up Munchausen Syndrome hurts because Yolanda is really suffering and is really sick.

Yolanda Foster has also defended Erika Girardi. In her latest blog post recapping Tuesday's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in which Bethenny Frankel criticized Erika's music video as "cheap" and "not quite getting it" and called Erika "bambi" and a "h*," Yolanda basically called out Bethenny for really being jealous.

"Fear is our worst enemy, ladies, and when you find yourself having a reaction to someone else's life because it doesn't look like yours, dig deep and find out if perhaps that reaction is, in fact, coming from a place of desire."
[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]