Internet Business Trends In 2016 Driven By Technology And Greater Need For Cybersecurity

As the number of businesses coming online continues to grow, the technology has grown along with it. So has the need for better cybersecurity. Both areas will see greater growth in 2016 and are two of the most important internet business trends that will affect business owners. These changes will not only help business owners protect their businesses and improve delivery of their products and services, but they will also make business more profitable.

The Next Web reported that payments will become easier. Just about every online business takes credit card payments now because of sites like PayPal. Even individuals now have the ability to receive payments. This internet business trend will also be affected on a mobile level because of solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay, both of which make it very easy to make payments through mobile phones. Sending invoices through email as well as receiving payments become a snap. By 2017, the research firm Gartner predicts that a record $270 billion in payments will be made using smartphones. Currently, only about 17 percent of smartphone users use their phones to make payments, another area where businesses will see growth.

Another internet business trend that becomes crucial to business success is cybersecurity. In fact, cybersecurity will become non negotiable. With email, employee devices and even VoIP phone systems being largely unsecure, many websites have gaping holes in their security. Since over 815 million records containing bank records, Social Security, and medical records have been compromised since 2005, businesses need to change their focus from rushing to embrace the latest technology and focus on cybersecurity instead. The U.S. House Financial Services Committee passed legislation to force companies to notify both consumers and law enforcement when these breaches occur.

As previously reported in The Inquisitr, technology trends in 2016 will affect the way both businesses and consumers interact with the marketplace. While cybersecurity becomes a priority for businesses, consumers will have more opportunities to interact with virtual reality, and virtual reality will improve to an experience for users that will seem more real than ever.

Another important internet business trend that will affect businesses is how employees and companies interact with the internet. With free wifi readily available just about everywhere from hotels to airports, and smaller more powerful devices, employees, business owners and freelancers will have more opportunities to be productive and work from anywhere.

Relocate Magazine also emphasized the need for greater cybersecurity as businesses continue to grow. Because of the amount of sensitive information available and so many businesses connected online now, the financial services industry is expected to spend at least $27.4 billion on security to protect their sensitive data. Billions more will be spent as businesses adapt to new threats.

The next internet marketing trend businesses are struggling with is the amount of data that is generated both from running a business and customer acquisition. This data has to be organized and stored, and the need for data scientists has never been greater. Sadly, there is a lag in the number of data scientists available, and companies are now seeking approximately 1.5 million new data scientists to fill the gap.

Other internet business trends businesses need to be aware of include "The Internet of Things" as well as the partnerships between man and machines. "The Internet of Things" is set to grow to about 50 billion connected devices worldwide while the partnerships between man and machines will result in greater efficiency in the marketplace while allowing for more automation of processes. Human talent will be required to build these machines as well as maintain them.

[Photo by Pixabay]