Hailey Baldwin Gives Justin Bieber An Ultimatum: ‘Respect Me’

Hailey Baldwin knows that she’s dating a bad boy. That’s why she’s allegedly been telling Justin Bieber to “man up” lately. According to recent reports, the model is giving Justin Bieber a relationship ultimatum.

She wants the Biebs to show her some respect or to leave. According to the Hollywood Life, Hailey Baldwin’s sit-down conversation with the pop star didn’t go as well as planned. She even dragged her uncle Alec Baldwin into their relationship drama. Baldwin asked Bieber to treat her right, or he’ll get on her uncle’s bad side.

Hailey Baldwin

According to the alleged insider, Hailey Baldwin, 19, is aware of the childish antics that Justin Bieber, 21, gets himself into. The “Sorry” singer was reportedly asked to leave the Mayan ruin site of Tulum in Mexico after climbing on the ancient ruin and pulling his pants down. So, it’s no wonder why the blonde beauty had to have a sit-down conversation with the youngster.

“One thing Hailey wants more than anything is for Justin to act like an adult and stop doing stupid things that will get him in trouble. He has improved drastically and her father is a fan of Justin but she has warned him that he doesn’t want the ire of her uncle (Alec).”

The insider then claimed what would happen if Bieber were ever to break Baldwin’s heart.

“Alec would shut down the relationship real fast if Justin ever does anything stupid in the future. He is really looking out for her best interests.”

But that shouldn’t be any problem since Bieber has finally realized that Baldwin is the perfect girl for him.

“Justin thinks Hailey is stunning, he loves her long legs and the way that she carries herself. She’s studied ballet her whole life, she’s so graceful and he finds that very attractive. Justin calls her his ballerina, it’s sweet.”

The recent reports about Hailey telling her new boyfriend to “man up” came after the rumors that he was dating Kourtney Kardashian late last year. She wants him to know that she wants a serious relationship with him. Baldwin doesn’t want to be just another notch on Bieber’s bedpost. She wants to be the only girl in his life.

Late last year, reports surfaced that the Canadian pop star was spending a lot of time with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. Gossip Cop revealed that Justin and Kourtney were secretly “hooking up,” while TMZ spotted the mom-of-three leaving the young star’s Beverly Hills hotel at 4 a.m.

Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber has come a long way since his on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez. But he still has a long way to go if he wants to keep Hailey Baldwin around. Another inside source told Hollywood Life that Baldwin has fallen hard for the new person he’s become, and now she wants to make their relationship official.

“She has been really focusing on the BS from the past and making sure that she doesn’t have to live and deal with that version of Justin moving forward. She knows how great he can be and wants to make him be that better person, and she knows that being together will make that happen.”

Hollywood Life has previously reported that Hailey was getting tired of being Justin’s backup girl. The singer has referred to her as a “good friend” in his November 2015 interview with Billboard. While they have been friends for years, the two stars finally took their relationship to the next level over the holidays by sharing a photo of themselves kissing in St. Bart’s. Now Hailey is set on being his only girl, and doesn’t want Justin to continue hooking up with other girls.

She’s also hoping that the singer will show her off at red carpet events and to make a grand gesture on Valentine’s Day to prove to the world that they’re exclusive.

Hailey Baldwin

What are your thoughts on Hailey Baldwin’s ultimatum to Justin Bieber? Do you think he will treat her right? Do you think Justin should finally commit after flailing from woman to woman in the past year? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for MTV]