‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Lauren Cohan Says Fans Should Be Worried About Her Character, Joins Danai Gurira In Tupac Biopic

Warning: spoilers for The Walking Dead are ahead.

Lauren Cohan is warning fans of The Walking Dead that they should be worried about the fate of her character, Maggie Greene. The AMC series returns on Valentine’s Day, so is it possible that the powers-that-be will kill off one half of the show’s cutest couple on the romantic holiday?

Obviously, Lauren Cohan isn’t going to spoil The Walking Dead midseason premiere by confirming or denying that Maggie survives the wave of walkers that flooded Alexandria. However, the actress is willing to make fans worry about the fate of the mother of Glenn’s baby. During a recent interview with ET Online, Lauren Cohan warned viewers that they should be “concerned” about Maggie.

“We should definitely be as concerned as we always are about the safety of our characters,” Cohan said.

The last time fans of The Walking Dead saw Maggie Greene, she was trapped on top of a rickety-looking platform that might not remain standing if enough walkers ram themselves into it. In the latest promo for The Walking Dead, Maggie is seemingly still stuck on top of the makeshift watchtower, and she can be seen and heard emitting a blood-curling scream. However, Maggie doesn’t seem to be worried about her own safety – it sounds like she’s saying Glenn’s name, and she certainly has reason to be concerned for her husband.

In the video below, Glenn is shown fleeing through the sea of walkers that have overtaken Alexandria and drawing attention to himself by firing his gun. It’s possible that Glenn will risk his own life to draw the walkers away from the platform that Maggie is on, giving his pregnant wife an opportunity to escape.

“We’ve got some roller coasters ahead of us but fans will be, I think, pretty gripped with the drama that’s to come,” Lauren Cohan told ET Online.

Major spoiler alert: according to the “Spoiling Dead Fans” Facebook page, fans of Glenn and Maggie will eventually get to see them reunite on The Walking Dead. Steven Yeun filmed scenes for episode 15, and Lauren Cohan is still around in episode 16.

Maggie And Glenn The Walking Dead

However, Walking Dead fans who are already thinking beyond these episodes have found another reason to worry about Maggie’s fate. According to People, fans of The Walking Dead totally freaked out when Lauren Cohan cut her hair short last month. Some viewers believe that the actress decided to change her hair because her character got killed off in the Season 6 finale, but other Walking Dead fans were quick to point out that Maggie cuts her hair short in the comic books.

Fans of The Walking Dead also worry whenever cast members get cast in new projects, and Lauren Cohan did recently land a new role. According to Deadline, Cohan has nabbed a part in the Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez On Me. She’ll play Leila Steinberg, a former backup dancer who decides to make a difference by creating writing workshops and mentoring kids. According to XXL, Leila Steinberg first saw a teenaged Tupac at a club where her husband was DJing. Tupac jumped in for a while, and Steinberg just happened to run into him the next day. She quickly formed a close bond with the teen, and he moved in with her family. Steinberg eventually became the future superstar’s manager.

Interestingly, Lauren Cohan isn’t the only Walking Dead star who has scored a role in All Eyez On Me – Danai Gurira is playing Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, and her inclusion in the movie should make Maggie fans breathe a sigh of relief. The Walking Dead powers-that-be probably wouldn’t kill off both Michonne and Maggie, so the casting of Danai and Lauren in the Tupac biopic seems to indicate that its filming schedule won’t interfere with that of The Walking Dead.

Lauren Cohan fans will also be able to watch her on the big screen when her creepy new horror movie, The Boy, hits theaters on January 22. In the film, Cohan plays a nanny who is shocked to discover that her newest charge isn’t a human child: it’s a porcelain doll that might be possessed by the spirit of a very disturbed little boy or some other evil entity.

“It’s a very disturbing and unnerving situation because every time you think you know what’s up, you’re wrong,” Cohan told ET Online. “It’s a very different horror in that sense, which is why I was excited to do it.”

You can watch Lauren Cohan get creeped out by the evil doll in The Boy trailer below. Do you think the possessed toy is more frightening than the zombies Lauren faces off against on The Walking Dead?

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]