British Airways To Google Passengers

British Airways is trying a whole new approach to friendly customer service by googling selected business-class passengers, allowing them to provide them with a more personal touch.

The Telegraph reports that the techniques some of us consider stalking will be available to cabin crew and staff at check-in desks, who will now be able to Google pictures of passengers in order to proactively greet them.

While BA already identifies high-profile fliers like CEOs and celebrities, staff did not previously know what they looked like until they checked in. Now, however, they will know them the moment they walk in the door.

The airline has said, according to The Telegraph, that their “Know Me” system will allow employees “to put a face to the name before the customer sets foot in the airport.”

According to The Daily Mail, however, not all passengers will appreciate this new personal touch by British Airways. Nick Pickles, the director of privacy group Big Brother Watch, for example, was very alarmed to hear the news. He stated that:

“Fundamentally, British Airways have not asked their passengers’ permission to search Google to find their picture or any other information.”

As CNet points out, however, you don’t have to give anyone permission to Google you, and some high-profile restaurants have been known to Google their bookings for the night, to provide the same kind of personal service (or maybe so they can spot people booking under a false name).

Do you think that British Airways has the right to Google its business-class fliers, in order to provide a more personal touch?