WWE Rumors: WWE Has No Plans Of Bringing This Character Back To Television

Sometimes, WWE takes a character off of television so that an injury can heal or that they can be repackaged for storyline purposes. Sometimes, a superstar may request time off and needs to be written out so WWE will find a storyline way of having them get time away. Then, there are characters who disappear from television entirely with no real reason like Zeb Colter, and unfortunately, there are no plans of bringing him back.

According to WrestleZone, WWE has no current plans to bring Colter back to television anytime soon. Actually, they have no plans in place to bring him back to television at all since he split from United States Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

It’s not exactly known why he was taken off of TV again or even what he may have done to deserve it, but Colter is off and will be for an indefinite amount of time.

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The Wrestling Observer newsletter states that Colter was having a pretty decent run with Del Rio, but once the MexAmerica storyline had run its course, his time on TV was done. This latest run lasted less than two months.

At Hell In A Cell at the end of October, Zeb Colter came out onto the stage when John Cena was holding his U.S. Title Open Challenge. Colter was riding on his electric scooter and came out to announce that a returning Alberto Del Rio would accept the challenge.

The very next evening on Monday Night Raw, Colter appeared with Del Rio, the new United States Champion, and stated that a union had been made. He said that the United States and Mexico had united as one to become MexAmerica and would dominate the WWE ranks.

This led to a number of confrontations with Colter’s former protege, Jack Swagger, which typically ended with Del Rio being victorious. All of a sudden on the episode of Raw on Dec. 7, 2015, Del Rio ended his association with Zeb Colter and said they were done.

As of that appearance, it was the last time that Colter was seen on WWE TV, and it seems as if it will be the last he is seen of for a long time.

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Zeb Colter (Dutch Mantel) debuted with WWE in February of 2013 as the manager of Jack Swagger and they promoted American ways and getting rid of illegal immigrants. Numerous news outlets criticized the character of Colter saying that he was mocking the Tea Party movement.

When Swagger got injured and had to take some time off, Colter became the manager of Cesaro. Once Swagger could return, the two superstars combined to form the Real Americans which was a team also managed by Colter.

Eventually, the team parted ways and it led to Swagger and Colter turning face. This was when Swagger started feuding with Rusev in a “USA vs. Russia” battle, and it led to a match at SummerSlam. At that event, Colter was kicked in the face by Rusev and months later, Rusev “broke” the leg of Colter for storyline purposes.

That was the last Colter was seen until he reappeared at the Hell In A Cell event on Oct. 25, 2015, as Alberto Del Rio’s manager. Now, his time on WWE television is done and many wonder if he’ll actually ever be seen with the company again.

Zeb Colter is great on the mic, is a tremendous character, and knows how to be a true heel manager for any superstar. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of room for managers in WWE anymore and it looks as if no plans for him means that he may not be seen again on television.

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