Fox To Revive Old Shows: Bringing Back ‘Prison Break,’ ‘24,’ And ‘X-Files’

Fox is set to revive old shows, bringing back Prison Break, 24, and X-Files. During the Television Critics Associated on Friday, Fox executives took the stage to talk about the future of Fox TV shows. Not only did they talk about bringing back Prison Break, 24, and X-Files, but they also talked about the future of Bones. They also discussed shows that are doing well although the critics don’t think so.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the network will not only revive X-Files, but is also bringing back brand new shows including Prison Break and 24. What does this mean for viewers? It means that Prison Break will be returning with the same characters, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell who will be returning as Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows. However, no other details, including a premiere date, have been brought forward yet, except for the fact that the show will run for nine episodes.

Prison Break is returning to Fox soon.

Also, although Fox is bringing back the series, 24, they will be bringing it back in a whole new way. The show will not be starring Kiefer Sutherland but will have new characters and a new plot to it, with the new characters fighting terrorism. As for X-Files coming back, it will return with the original characters later this month. However, it will only return for six episodes, but there is talk about making a new X-Files movie.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the series Scream Queens has been picked up by Fox for its second season. Although many think the show is dying, the executives of Fox say that is not true at all. According to Fox Executives, Dana Walden and Gary Newman, the show is getting good ratings. Although the show is only being watched live by 30 percent of the viewers, 44 percent are watching either on streaming TV such as Hulu, online on Fox Now, or on Video on Demand, and there are 26 percent of viewers watching it on their DVR’s at their own time and convenience.

Scream Queens has been picked up by Fox for another season.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Empire has supposedly seen a ratings drop and less-than-stellar reviews from critics. Newman, when asked about the show’s sustainability, smiled from ear to ear and said that if the other shows would get such a “ratings drop” like critics are saying about Empire, then he would be even happier. According to Newman, the show is doing really well creatively.

On the other hand, Bones is not doing so well and this may be the last season for the show. Although there is talks of canceling it, Fox executives say they don’t want the show to end on a limp.

Also coming to Fox, according to the Ottawa Citizen, is The Passion, which is a two-hour live musical that will air on March 20 on Palm Sunday and is all about the life and death of Jesus Christ. Starring in the show is country music singer Trish Yearwood who plays Mary, the mother of Jesus. She will be co-starring with Prince Royce who plays Peter the Disciple. Tyler Perry will be narrating and hosting the show.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show returns with Tim Curry, who played the original Frank-N-Furter. This will be airing next Fall on Fox. The only difference from the past is that Curry will be narrating the show, instead of reprising his iconic character.

Another new Fox series is Lucifer, which stars Tom Ellis as the titular character. It is set to premiere on Jan. 25.

(Photo credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images)