Danica Patrick Predicts Daytona Victory

Danica Patrick is going to win at Daytona. At least that’s what she believes.

Patrick appeared on The Dan Patrick show this morning and said that she’s feeling pretty good about the race.

Patrick said:

“I heard one of the officials come over and say that all of the officials are basically saying I’m going to win the race tonight. They’ve been around a long time, and they’ve seen a lot of races. I’m going with the officials on this one. … Get ready.”

Patrick later clarified her statement saying that she wasn’t making a bold prediction of victory, instead, she just wasn’t going to bet against herself.

Patrick said:

“I was thinking later, ‘Wait a minute. That kind of sounded like a jerk thing to say.’ What I really should have said was, ‘Well, I shouldn’t bet against myself, should I?’ So that’s my answer. I really shouldn’t bet against myself.”

Patrick qualified in fourth before Daytona and is hoping to become the first woman to win a NASCAR national series race.

Patrick said:

“It’s like when somebody asks you before a race if you’re going to win. Well, of course I’m going to try to win. That’s the best that I can do. I have the best chance possible, with the most experience at this track versus any other one. And the fact that I’m driving a JR Motorsports car; they’re really fast on speedways… We had a great shot at winning this race last year. I think it’s as good a chance as ever.”

Do you think Danica Patrick will win at Daytona?