Watch Jordanian Politician Pull Gun On Adversary During TV Talk Show [Video]

Like something out of the old Morton Downey Jr. show perhaps, a member of the Jordanian parliament and his adversary got into brawl on live TV today, and the lawmaker pulled out a gun.

The Times of Israel identifies the member of parliament as Mohammed Shawabka and his adversary as Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad, a former MP, who is now a political activist.

Shawabka and his critic were apparently arguing about politics in Jordan as well as the unstable situation in neighboring Syria when it got personal and they began trading insults.

According to the media accounts, each man accused the other of “various crimes and deviancies,” including being a spy for Israel or Syria.

The host of the program tried but was unable to cool things down between the two men.

The MP then threw his shoe at the activist, desks toppled over, and then the lawmaker pulled a gun.

The two men struggled, with the parliamentarian again careful now not to point the gun at his adversary, while the panicked host circumnavigated the strewn furniture to try to break up the fight.

The host stepped between them, but the fight continued while the sound in the studio was cut off. Fortunately no shots were fired.

Quoting an Egyptian news agency, Business Insider reports that “Shawabka became enraged when Murad insulted his family.”

Israel National News claims that Murad “openly supports the regime in Syria” and that “Murad is the only Jordanian politician who met with President Bashar Assad after the outbreak of the revolution in Syria and he continues to lead delegations to Damascus.”