‘Unwavering’ Heat Wave Set to Continue For Much of US

A merciless heat wave that has gripped much of the United States for more than a week is set to continue, the United States Weather Service has warned.

In the wake of 2012’s most-memorable heat wave (which followed what was called the “winter that wasn’t” in many parts of the US), many regions have been walloped not only with oppressive, three-digit temperatures, but also alternating power outages — creating conditions that range from highly unpleasant to unsafe — across several states.

According to the Wall Street Journal, people in many parts of the Mid-Atlantic states are still without power, a situation that has been persisting for more than a week. The paper spoke with National Weather Service Meteorologist Daniel Porter, who explained hot nights are exacerbating the already punishing heat many affected by the heat wave are suffering:

“Temperatures are not cooling sufficiently low at night,” Mr. Porter said. “People don’t get the ability to recover at night.” Mr. Porter said temperatures are expected to exceed 100 in the region on Saturday, and though Sunday and Monday will be cooler, severe showers and thunderstorms could hit Washington.

According to the National Weather Service, hot temps are expected to continue for the next few days — the service explained that the “record-breaking heat wave currently affecting parts of the central and eastern U.S. will continue into the weekend.”

And throughout, nearly 400,000 people across 12 states as well as Washington DC are still without power as temperatures continue to soar. 200,000 of those without electricity reside in West Virginia, which has been hardest hit in the region during the heat wave.