Carla Facciolo Says Proof Of Drita D'Avanzo Being At Love Majewski's Home Is Coming

The Season 6 premiere episode of Mob Wives that aired on Wednesday night had a big shocker. Did Drita D'Avanzo really encourage Love Majewski to attack Carla Facciolo and didn't stop it on purpose when it happened, as Love claimed? Carla's attempt to find out the answer and Drita's reaction to the claim emerged as one of the main story lines that viewers will see this season.

Carla received criticism from some people who said that she knows better than to believe Love. In response to one such tweet, Carla pointed out that she said in the episode that she's not sure she believes Love. Yet, Carla added that it's still "shady" that Drita was at Love's home.

When another viewer followed up by asking where's the proof that Drita went to see Love at her home as Love claimed, Carla teased that proof is coming.
Carla also posted a tweet in which she asked Drita to explain why she was at Love's home talking badly about her.
"Never said I believed Love 100% but Drita why were u at her house talking s**t about me?? Explain that one??"
When a viewer told Carla that everyone on the show talks badly about one another sometimes, Carla maintained that she was always loyal to Drita.

Carla then alleged that Drita used to talk badly about her all the time to one of her former employees.

One viewer asked Carla why Drita all of a sudden decided that she doesn't like her. Carla responded that she'll explain it more as the episodes continue.
Part 1 of the Mob Wives season premiere episode showed most of the cast attending the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. As the women were walking towards their float, Love Majewski appeared from the sidelines. Carla Facciolo was none too pleased to see Love. A flashback scene showed how, on Season 3, the one and only season Love starred on the show with the other women, Love attacked Carla at Drita D'Avanzo's birthday party.
Surprisingly, Love immediately apologized to Carla upon seeing her at the parade. Love explained that she was encouraged to attack Carla by her so-called friend, Drita. Love claimed that Drita told her all these bad things about Carla. Love even claimed that Drita came by her house one day and told her that she'll make sure that Carla will be at the party and that she'll leave prior to the attack. Carla and all the other women were shocked upon hearing Love's claims.

In her interview, Carla admitted that she's not sure she should believe what Love is telling her since Love has proven herself to be a liar. Yet Carla also pointed out that right before Love attacked her, Drita walked out of the room. Carla also wondered if Love's explanation is why Drita has avoided her since her return to the group.

Later on, Drita met up with Renee Graziano to catch up on what happened at the parade, which Drita said she missed because of a scheduling conflict. Renee told Drita what Love said. Drita didn't seem very surprised. She then asked Renee if anyone defended her. When Renee said no, Drita lashed out at her and the rest of the women, calling them fake and phony. Drita got so mad that she walked out on a very confused Renee, who couldn't understand why Drita was shooting the messenger.

As viewers saw on the previous season, Carla, who was gone for Season 4, returned on Season 5 for a few scenes. Much to everyone's surprise, instead of giving Carla a warm welcome, Drita basically ignored her. Carla added that Drita pretended not to see her when they ran into one another at the mall a few weeks earlier. Drita's behavior confused Carla and everyone else since the two were good friends in the previous seasons and never once argued with one another.
A preview for next week's episode of Mob Wives shows that things will heat up between Carla Facciolo and Drita D'Avanzo, as Angela "Big Ang" Raiola encourages Carla to have a talk with Drita to find out what really happened between them. Judging by their nasty tweets about one another, it doesn't seem as if viewers will see Carla and Drita fix their friendship. The preview also shows Karen Gravano saying that she'll confront Drita about calling her fake. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there's also no love lost between Drita and Karen, as Drita recently shared an unflattering photo of Karen and said that it was karma.

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