Samsung Galaxy S7 And Two More Flagship Variants Set For March Or April 2016 Release Date?

Samsung might launch the Galaxy S7 plus two major variants of the 2016 flagship device next month. The market release is expected to happen a few weeks after the grand unveiling.

With the highly-anticipated Mobile World Congress event already in the horizon, the rumor mill for upcoming tech products continue to churn out interesting tidbits. And as expected, Samsung’s 2016 flagship Galaxy device was not spared from the grapevines as new unofficial details and leaked renders continuously emerge online.

Samsung Galaxy S7 And Two More Flagship Variants Set For March Or April 2016 Release Date?
Reportedly, Samsung will be launching three key flagship models for this year. The standard Samsung Galaxy S7 with a flat screen might hit the shelves in more or less two months together with a Galaxy S6 Edge successor and a larger curved-screen phone to be referred to as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus, Forbes explained.

“The current thinking from the supply chain followers and reporters is that Samsung will have three core models of the flagship; the 5.2 inch Galaxy S7 (with a flat screen), the 5.2 inch Galaxy S7 Edge, and a larger 5.5 inched S7 Edge+. The two former models create an upgrade path from last year’s S6 and S6 Edge handset, while the larger handset will slip between the smartphones and the 5.7 inch screened Galaxy Note 5 announced in September (which is still to go on sale in Europe).”

Watch the video below to review the highlights for Samsung’s 2015 flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

As for the feasible arrival schedule, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will purportedly be launched prior to the official kick-off for MWC 2016, “the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry” set to happen from Feb. 22-25 in Barcelona, Spain, according to its official page. Various reports, as cited by Pocket Lint, specifically noted that the Samsung Galaxy smartphone might take the spotlight either on February 20 or 21.

If the February 2016 unveiling pans out, tech enthusiasts can expect the 2016 Samsung Galaxy models to be shipped and be available in stores five weeks later, suggesting a March to April market launch timeframe, Pocket Lint further explained.

On the other hand, there were other publications that noted a plausible earlier release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. Sam Mobile, four months ago, reported grapevines suggestive of a January appearance for the 2016 Samsung Galaxy flagship and a market launch in early February.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs, Express reported that the next-gen smartphone might see the return of the microSD card slot, a feature taken away from the 2015 flagship model in favor of a sleeker aesthetics. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S7 might also be the first Android to have a pressure-sensitive display, similar to a feature pioneered by Apple’s 3D Touch on iPhone 6S.

Samsung Galaxy S7 And Two More Flagship Variants Set For March Or April 2016 Release Date?
The pressure-sensitive display for the 2016 Galaxy models might come from Synaptics, the same company that is also reportedly in charge with the technology that will be used to power the 2016 generation of Samsung’s flagship device. Express’ report explained, “Synaptics’ technology – dubbed ClearForce – responds to different levels of pressure applied to the multitouch glass display.”

“The pressure sensitive technology will allow Samsung to add more options to the display than the traditional swipe, pinch and tap used on multi-touch smartphones,” it added.

Pocket Lint‘s report also noted that the alleged internal Samsung documents seemingly confirmed that the Galaxy S7, which ostensibly has Jungfrau as its codename, will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset under the hood.

When it comes to the forthcoming Samsung flagship phone’s shooter specs, reports suggested that the Korean tech company is trying out a dual-camera setup and a 20-megapixel ISOCELL sensor in a few models. Samsung also recently patented the term “Duo Pixel,” a technology or a camera feature expected to be available in Galaxy S7.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]