Tera Wray Static, Widow Of Static-X’s Wayne Static, Found Dead After Apparent Suicide

Tera Wray Static, the former porn star and widow of Static-X frontman, Wayne Static, was found dead in her California apartment on January 14, after an apparent suicide. She was 33-years-old.

According to Blabbermouth, Tera Wray committed suicide on January 13 and her roommate found her body, along with a note instructing the roommate to contact Tera’s mother, as well as her friend and former attorney, Michael Fattorosi. Early this morning, Fattorosi tweeted about Tera Wray, saying how incredibly sad he was at the news of her passing.

“I’m so sad today. My client & friend Tera Wray, former Pornstar and the widow of Wayne Static committed suicide yesterday. We were emailing back & forth on Tuesday. And today I got a call from her roommate letting me know what happened. Tera is once again with the love of her life, Wayne, & will be forever. May they both find peace together for all of eternity.”

The cause of Tera’s suicide is not yet known, but it comes a little over a year after the accidental overdose death of her husband, Wayne Static, who died November 1, 2014.

Born Tera Lents, in 1982 in Louisville, Kentucky, Tera once said in an interview that it had been her childhood dream to pursue a career in the porn industry.

“I’ve wanted to do porn since I was in the fourth grade. I would always tell people that I wanted to be a porn star.”

Tera — now known by her stage name, Tera Wray, a combination of her first name, and her best friend’s middle name — fulfilled that childhood dream of becoming a porn star in 2006, when she signed a contract with the adult film company, Pleasure Productions. In 2007, she traveled with the Ozzfest Summer Tour as a lingerie model for Hustler, and it was during the tour that Tera met, and began dating Wayne Static. In January of 2008, Tera and Wayne were married in Las Vegas, and in August of the same year, she announced her retirement from the porn industry, in order to go on tour with Static-X.

On November 1, 2014, just three days shy of turning 49, Tera Wray woke up in the afternoon to find her husband, Wayne Static, dead in the bed beside her, reported the Alternative Press in March of 2015, when the coroner’s report was released to the public. Though initially, family members and his publicist claimed drugs were not involved in Wayne’s death, Tera — and the toxicology report — told a different story.

“[Static’s] wife stated that just prior to going to bed, he crushed one-half of a 30 mg oxycodone pill and consumed it. The oxycodone had been prescribed to his wife. He also drank an unknown amount of alcohol. His wife awoke at around 1530 hours. She found the decedent dead in the bed and called 911 at 1547 hours. Paramedics arrived and confirmed death at 1600 hours, noting rigor mortis and lividity. There was no evidence of foul play or any indication a struggle had taken place.”

The official cause of Wayne Static’s death was ruled as “mixed prescription drug (oxycodone, hydromorphone, alprazolam) with alcohol toxicity, hours, due to chronic prescription drug and alcohol abuse, years.”

Now, just 14 months after his death, tragedy has struck both Tera Wray’s and Wayne Static’s family again, when Tera, seemingly unable to continue living without her husband, decided to commit suicide. Here’s to hoping Tera Wray has finally found the peace she’s been missing since Wayne tragically died.

If you, or someone you love feels alone, and like suicide is the only answer to life’s problems, please, don’t hesitate to call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]