Deadbeat Dad Lured to Face the Music With Fake Role in Jennifer Aniston Movie

Deadbeat dads are a big problem, a problem that often is overlooked when people complain about “single mothers” who tax the system when they experience difficulty raising children all alone.

For every mom raising a kid with no help and scant resources, there is almost always a deadbeat dad who has fled the scene and left taxpayers or an overburdened woman to pick up the slack in supporting one or more kids on a single-income.

Joshua Garlathy was one such dad, who had fled to Hawaii to avoid paying child support for nearly two decades. The mother of Garlathy’s daughter, Beth Ann Holdermann, had tried nearly everything to get her wayward ex to do his fair share when it came to raising the child.

But her efforts were in vain, as Garlathy remained out of reach in Hawaii. That is, until the Holdermann employed bounty hunter Scott Bernstein to smoke the deadbeat dad out of his hidey-hole.

Bernstein cooked up a ruse to lure Garlathy back to Allentown, Pennsylvania, and lo and behold, it worked. The well-known bounty hunter contacted Garlathy promising him a role in a Jennifer Aniston film, allegedly titled Banished in Brooklyn.

Garlathy was told he would be given a part as “a small part as a guitar-strumming bad guy named Dirty Nick,” but no such movie was ever planned. The deadbeat dad, who had never found the money to support the daughter he brought into this world, managed to scrape up the money and get straight to Allentown to accept the “role,” where he was promptly arrested for willful failure to pay child support.