Kylie Jenner Unveils New ‘Lip Kit’ Lipstick And The Color May Surprise You

Kylie Jenner is at it again. The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is creating new lip kits and she previewed one of the new colors during a livestream on her website, As Us Weekly reports, the color is a little different from her previous lip kit, though. While the colors in the last Kylie Jenner lip kit were neutral tones, this one is a rich matte berry color.

“I’m going to show you guys my new color for Valentine’s Day,” she said on the livestream. Then she painted a bit of the color on her hand. “It is so pretty.”

Soon after, she painted some of the new color on her lips and said, “Creamy.”

During the livestream, Kylie’s friend, Jordyn, mentioned that there’s another new color coming called cocoa but Kylie was keeping that one a secret for now.

“You guys can’t see this color, ’cause it’s a secret,” she said.

But Jenner also talked about how her last lip kit sold out within minutes of being released. She promised to remedy that problem with this upcoming release.

“I’m sorry, you guys are just so amazing and you keep buying them,” she said. “But I’m making a whole lot more so that I can always be stocked up!”

Kylie also recently revealed the name of one of the colors in her new lip kit, according to

It’s going to be called “Posie K.” If you’re wondering where that name came from, it was the result of an online contest where she asked her legions of fans to suggest new names to her. Posie K. was the one she chose as the winner.

Looks like when she’s promoting new lip kits on her website, Kylie Jenner is taking heat for posting pretentious videos.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been mocked for posting a video on her website about her New Years’ resolutions, OK Magazine reports.

In the video, Kylie says that she wants to “realize things” in 2016.

“Hey guys, I just wanted to answer a few questions for you guys about 2016,” she said in the video. “I feel like every year has a new energy. And I feel like this year is really about like, the year of realising stuff.”

“Everyone around me, we’re all just realising things. 2016, looking good,” she continued.

How very introspective of you, Kylie.

Her social media followers were brutal in their commentary on her New Year’s resolutions.

But it’s not half as bad as when Kylie was mocked for being unable to solve a basic math problem in a Snapchat story she posted last year.

“Who else missed 8th grade math? Tha f***,” she wrote in the caption of the video.

As The Mirror noted at the time, Kylie may have been looking for sympathy but she got some taunts instead.

One Kylie Jenner Instagram follower wrote: “Can she really not solve this??? Ok!! Wow..”

“My God, my little sister can do it and she is 10,” another follower joked.

Despite graduating from high school last year, Kylie Jenner has publicly said that she has no intention of going to college right now.

“I’m not going to college,” she said during an interview with Interview magazine last year. “I have done everything to prepare for college, so if I wanted to in the future, I could go at any time. But I’m not planning on going anytime soon.”

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]