Amber Wright: Florida Team Convicted For Horrific Torture And Murder Of Boyfriend Seath Jackson

Amber Wright has been found guilty for the gruesome murder of her boyfriend in 2011. Wright was 15 at the time she lured Seath Jackson to a location where her friends beat, shot, and burned the Summerfield, Florida, teen before dismembering his body.

Seath Jackson’s body was “broken into pieces” before it was shoved inside paint cans and thrown into a lime quarry by Amber Wright and her team of killers. Wright was convicted on first degree murder charges previously, but that ruling was overturned because defense lawyers successfully argued that the Florida teenager had not been read her Miranda Rights properly, WESH reports.

Wright, three other teenagers, a 20-year-old friend, and one other adult were all arrested and charged with the horrific torture and murder of Seath Jackson. According to court documents. Amber Wright was used as “bait” to get Jackson to come to a social gathering where he ultimately had his knees broken so that his body could be stuffed fully inside of a sleeping bag before it was set on fire, the Daily Mail reports. Text messages presented as evidence in the case showed that Wright told Jackson the couple could work things out and wanted him to come to where she was. Seath responded noting his concerns about “getting jumped.”

A recording played by the prosecuting attorney during the Florida murder trial featured Amber Wright chatting with her co-conspirators. On the tape the then 15-year-old girl claimed that Seath Jackson had “nearly” caused her to become infected with a sexually transmitted disease while they were dating. She also alleged that the murder victim had cheated on her and had been physically abusive.

Co-defendant in the murder case Michael Bargo, 23, was reportedly involved in a love triangle with Amber Wright and Seath Jackson. During questioning at trial he pleaded the fifth when placed on the stand. The prosecutors in the case maintained that Bargo was the ringleader in the murder plan. After being named as the gunman in the killing, Bargo had the distinction of being named the youngest person to ever be placed on death row in the state.

Amber Wright’s brother, Kyle Hooper, 21, and friends Justin Soto, 25, and Charlie Ely 23, were all also convicted for their roles in the murder of Seath Jackson and given life sentences. James Haven, 37, who was dating Wright’s mother at the time of the crime, was found not to be competent to stand trial. Haven was reportedly present when his girlfriend’s daughter, son, and their friends, plotted to kill Jackson.

During the most recent first degree murder trial of Amber Wright, her defense attorney unsuccessfully argued that his client did not realize that the violence Seath Jackson was slated to endure would actually kill him. Sonia Jackson, the victim’s mother, remained inside the courtroom for the trials of all the accused killers. After the second guilty verdict against Amber Wright was read, Jackson said that it did not matter how often she had to come back and fight for justice for her son, she and her family would show up each and every time.

Amber Wrights is scheduled to appear for a sentencing hearing on the first degree murder conviction for the killing of Seath Jackson on February 23. Her defense attorney is already planning to appeal the guilty verdict.

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