Jennifer Lawrence Did Not Bash Foreign Journalist, Reporter Sticks Up For Actress After Golden Globes Backlash

Coming fresh off of her Golden Globes win for Joy, Jennifer Lawrence has received backlash over a bit of video that was released of her answering questions in the press room at the Golden Globes.

In the footage, she’s seen scolding a journalist, who obviously has a foreign accent. Lawrence puts her finger up and wags it at him for being on his phone.

Here’s the exchange.

Lawrence: “You can’t live your whole life behind your phone bro.”
Reporter: “Huh?”
Lawrence: “You just can’t do that. You gotta live in the now, you know?”
Reporter: “Oh, sorry! (Laughs) How do you see yourself for the Oscar night, and how was working—”
Lawrence: “We’re at the Golden Globes. If you put your phone down, you’d know that.”

Was it because she addressed him as a “bro”? Is it due to her tone of voice or the finger wagging? There’s a ton of opinions on this short exchange. Many have blasted the actress, calling her “rude” and saying it was obvious since English was his second language, that he was obviously reading the questions off of his phone.

Fox 32‘s Chicago affiliate journalist Jake Hamilton voiced his dismay in a Facebook post about the moment, although he wasn’t present in the room. “I’m sorry Jennifer Lawrence — but scolding a reporter for looking at his phone when English clearly isn’t his first language isn’t cute or quirky. It’s rude and demeaning.”

He continued, “Golden Globes are put on by the Hollywood Foreign Press, a group of reporters for whom English isn’t their first language. This isn’t just their A-Game, it’s their stadium.”

While many outlets used this moment to reflect on whether or not this will be Lawrence’s fall from grace as being America’s Sweetheart, one reporter is sticking up for her and giving a broader perspective of the short moment.

Journalist Chris Trondsen tweeted about the moment.

“Jennifer Lawrence … did NOT bully that reporter. He was not reading questions off of his phone.” Which means he might have been taking a video or photos of the star as she was answering his question.

“The reporter was asking a question but either filming or taking pictures off of his phone while talking to Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t rude at all. She just wanted him to be present.”

So what was the tone in the room? Well, according to the journalist it was a quick and lighthearted exchange that got blown out of proportion.

“Everyone in the press room was laughing. It was lighthearted.”

The journalist also took to Instagram about the issue at hand.

Took this pic of Jennifer Lawrence last night at the Golden Globes. ❤️ There are a lot of negative rumors going around that she was disrespectful to a reporter & rude because English isn't his first language. It's sad because I was right there in the front row & that's just NOT true! The reporter was holding up his phone, taking photos + video of Jennifer while asking his question and she found it distracting. I found it distracting too. She asked him to put his phone down. Then, she had literally JUST won a Golden Globe & he asked about the Oscars just seconds after winning. It wasn't the time or place. She handled it in usual Jennifer Lawrence humor & the reporter himself laughed as well as the rest of the press. Don't believe the rumors, I was there & Jennifer Lawrence was in no way rude. She was a sweetheart when she answered my question & was nice to all the press. ???? #jlaw #jenniferlawrence #goldenglobe #goldenglobes

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People are apparently still torn on this issue.

“Jennifer Lawrence is rude” “That poor man was reading off his phone.” People need how to not jump to conclusions

—. (@EverdeenSunset) January 11, 2016

Despite a bit of bad press, all eyes will be on Jennifer Lawrence on February 28, when she goes head to head with the Academy’s favorite Brie Larson (Room). Both actresses are up for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. along with nominees Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn), and Cate Blanchett (Carol), Charlotte Rampling (45 Years).

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