'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Belle & Philip Head To Sin City

Days of Our Lives viewers are about to get a big dose of Belle and Philip. The former spouses have been seen getting a bit flirty since they both returned home to Salem recently, and they're about to get even more flirty!

According to the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Belle Black-Brady and Philip Kiriakis are about to take a trip together to Las Vegas, meaning the former lovers are going to likely get some serious alone time in Sin City!

It seems that currently Belle only thinks of Philip as a good friend, but the two share a very complicated history. They ended up together after high school and eventually married. When Belle got pregnant with her daughter Claire, it was believed that Philip was the father. Eventually, Belle and her high school sweetheart, Shawn Brady, got back together and it was revealed that he was Claire's biological father. Philip was torn up about losing Claire and left Salem not too long after all the drama.

Days of Our Lives Shawn and Belle divorce called off?
[Photo by M. Tran/Getty Images]To make matters worse, before Belle and Shawn's big wedding it was revealed that Belle has cheated on Shawn with her ex-husband, Philip, and Days of Our Lives fans saw the relationship get very strained. After they were married, Belle and Shawn decided to take their daughter and leave home. Eventually then ended up in Maine where they remained until they both returned home for Bo Brady's funeral.

It was during the time that Bo died that Days of Our Lives viewers found out that Belle had cheated on Shawn again, and that the two were calling it quits. Around New Year's Eve Belle officially got the world that Shawn, who moved back to Maine while she and Claire remained in Salem, had filed for divorce.

However, Claire isn't happy with the way her parents marriage is falling apart, or the fact that Belle seems to be acting a little foolish since the split. Claire will keep trying to reunite her parents, who happen to be one of Days of Our Lives' most favorite couples.

Claire will have a big victory later this month as Shawn will return home to Salem. However, actor Jason Cook has been replaced with Brandon Beemer, who also took over the role from Cook back in 2006.

days of our lives spoilers
[Image via NBC]It seems Days of Our Lives fans will see another Shawn/Belle/Philip love triangle brewing. Will Belle choose Shawn again, or will she be more drawn to Philip after her marriage fell apart in Maine? Viewers always seem to be rooting for Shawn and Belle, much like they did Bo and Hope, and with Philip's other ex, Chloe Lane, coming back to Salem to stay in the future it seems that there could be seriously juicy love scenes between the four old high school friends.

Meanwhile, Philip may have an enemy in Claire, the girl who once loved and cared for as his own daughter, as she'll do anything to keep her mother away from him and get her parents back together. Claire has taken a liking to living in Salem, and may even start getting love interests of her own. Already Days of Our Lives viewers have seen her and Chase having some sweet conversations. Could Chase, who is Hope's step-son be the first boy to catch Claire, who is Hope's granddaughter?

It will all be very interesting to see play out as fans who grew up watching Belle, Shawn, Philip, Chloe, Mimi, Rex, and Cassie in high school are excited to have at least four of the gang back in Salem.

What are your thoughts on Days of Our Lives' Belle and Philip heading to Vegas? Will they get back together?

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