Eva Longoria Says Fiance Loves Fashion More Than She Does, Calls Him ‘Mr. Fancy Pants’

Eva Longoria presented an award alongside America Ferrera at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday. Entertainment Weekly reports that the two ladies had a good time joking about their names when they introduced themselves. Apparently, Eva Longoria was “Not Eva Mendes” and Ferrera was “Not Gina Rodriguez.” Eva Longoria also said neither of them were Rosario Dawson.

The joke was made toward the people who manage the Golden Globes Twitter account. In December, on the Golden Globe Twitter account, Ferrera was listed as the nominee for Jane the Virgin, instead of Gina Rodriguez.

Apparently, MTV Australia is also facing some backlash for a tweet they made on Sunday. Gulf New Television reports that MTV Australia posted a tweet asking for subtitles when Eva Longoria and America Ferrera were presenting.

“Where are the English subtitles? We have no idea what @AmericaFerrera and @EvaLongoria are saying #GoldenGlobes.”

They later removed the tweet, but some people managed to take a screenshot before it disappeared.

MTV Australia later tweeted an apology.

The apology was followed by a tweet saying they would leave the humor to Ricky Gervais.

Twitter users were unimpressed at best.

Aside from presenting at the Golden Globes, Eva Longoria is basking in the glory of being engaged. People reports that she answered many questions about her engagement as she walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday and she was definitely in the marriage mood because she had just returned from seeing her parents renew their wedding vows after 50 years of marriage.

“I was bawling. They’ve been married 50 years, I was crying. My dad said my mom is the prettiest girl he’s ever met and she still is.”

Apparently, Eva Longoria’s hubby to be, José “Pepe” Bastón, was taking some notes while he observed her parents renew their vows. Smart man. And while Eva Longoria was stunning on the red carpet, she previously told People that her fiancé is very stylish.

“We call him ‘Mr. Fancy Pants’ because he always has a pocket square and a suit. He’s super stylish. He loves fashion way more than I do!”

Eva Longoria also revealed that she would prefer to elope, rather than have a big wedding.

“We haven’t even discussed it. I mean, I would like to elope. Free of guests and guest lists and things like that!”

Perhaps the funniest thing about Eva Longoria’s engagement is that, according to Daily Mail, her fiancé didn’t even know who she was when they were introduced. She told Ellen DeGeneres she was fine with that.

“Somebody introduced us and he was like ‘uh’, which is great by the way. Which I loved. Yeah he’s never known me as working. He’s like ‘oh so you’re an actress?'”

Apparently, Pepe just doesn’t get how big of a star Eva Longoria is.

“People come up to me all the time and he just doesn’t really get it. He’s like ‘they really like you’. Then he goes like, ‘I’m gonna watch, I’m gonna watch everybody talks about it I’m gonna watch.’ And he tries to watch and of course I’m like banging the gardener in the first season and he’s like ‘I don’t want to watch’ and I was like ‘yeah, yeah lets jump to season 5. That’s when I was like not sleeping with anybody.'”

It’s pretty clear that Pepe will have to get used to being married to such a famous and well-liked woman. Good luck in 2016, Eva Longoria!

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]