Nicki Minaj To Appear On ‘Scandal’?

Nicki Minaj’s acting career looks to be taking off. On top of Nicki, her most recent comedy on ABC, rumor has it that Minaj will appear on Scandal, as well.

Via Nicki Minaj’s Twitter, fans engaged with the Nicki actress after she insinuated that she’d join Kerry Washington on the new season of ABC‘s Scandal. Could you imagine Nicki’s personality alongside Olivia Pope? What if Minaj were to become a gladiator? Maybe Nicki’s role would replace Columbus Short’s demise?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Washington says that there are a lot of different things in store for the new season of Scandal.

Whatever the case, almost immediately, Nicki Minaj’s fans began tweeting and expressing their collective excitement concerning her potential Scandal appearance. Several people expressed the urge to “die” or “leave their bodies” after seeing Minaj’s and Washington’s tweets. On top of those expressions, various memes were created to help show their concerns and anticipations.

However, the rumors were quickly doused when Nicki informed her fans that she was only kidding with her tweet.

Even Kerry Washington fell for it and was excited.

Obviously, she loved the idea of Minaj as her co-star. Scandal, while set to return on February 11, is already gaining more-than-usual hype. According to its leading actress, Olivia Pope is no longer wearing the “white hat.”

Her role is supposed to be edgier and more “bad a**.” Yet, Minaj won’t be a part of Scandal‘s family at the moment. Who knows though. Shonda Rhimes, Scandal‘s creator, could very well see the hype and opt to write Minaj into the script. What a day that would be, right?

However, in other Nicki Minaj news via Twitter, she also recently gave props to Adele for her ride along rendition of Minaj’s “Monster.”

The Inquisitr previously reported on Adele’s rap, in detail. From the consensus, Adele mimicked Nicki in a great way. She even had Minaj’s subtle mannerisms in-tact.

So, from Adele actively rapping to one of Minaj’s songs, to Nicki‘s debut on ABC Family, and the tsunami-of-a-rumor that she might appear on Scandal, the “Monster” rapper is having a great start to her 2016. It seems that, this year, Nicki’s publicity will know no bounds.

Speaking of publicity and scandal, Nicki still pleads for her fiancé’s innocence and a non-guilty verdict. As ironic as it seems, Meek Mill’s probation violation resembles a scandal in itself. The Inquisitr previously reported on the situation, and it was mentioned that Nicki Minaj’s fiancé encountered a communication error, which caused the violation.

Since the scandalous incident, Minaj has been helping her companion follow through with proposed community service commitments in an attempt to appeal to the judge and her sentence decision. Nicki and Meek Mill have been sticking it out like a devout couple, as previously reported. As a show of understanding, Nicki has mentioned to the judge that Meek hasn’t had the right people in his life to guide him in a mature direction — and that, since they’ve been together — Mill has been changing for the better with each passing day.

All in all, what are your thoughts on Nicki Minaj? Should Shonda Rhimes opt to have her on Scandal one day? What else do you think is in store for “Minaj 2016?”

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment]