Zimmerman Pays $1M Bond, Walks Free Yet Again

George Zimmerman walks free once again after paying his $1,ooo,ooo bond set by the judge only yesterday. Man, that guy must hate jail or something!

Zimmerman, the shooter in the much-publicized Trayvon Martin case, strolled out of the Seminole County Jail just one day after the judge allowed him bond, but set the price-tag so high no one thought he’d pay it. But it works like this: you only need 10% of the bond to walk, lowering the price-tag of Zimmerman’s freedom to $100,000 – a price he was more than able to pay with the funds raised for his defense through is website. More than $20,000 alone was raised since Thursday when Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. set the bond amount, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Zimmerman has been in-and-out of jail and with-and-without legal counsel ever since he was first arrested in the case. Judge Lester has been purposefully making bail a hard grab for Zimmerman, over concerns that he was planning to leave the country thanks to a hidden second passport in the defendant’s possession. Zimmerman was also denied bail once before when the judge discovered that he and his wife, Shellie, had failed to disclose more than $150,000 in donations from the public.

“Notably, together with the passport, the money only had to be hidden for a short time for him to leave the country if the defendant made a quick decision to flee,” the judge said. “It is entirely reasonable for this court to find that, but for the requirement that he be placed on electronic monitoring, the defendant and his wife would have fled the United States with at least $130,000 of other people’s money.”

Zimmerman’s freedom does come with more restricted conditions. He must report to officials every two days, he cannot open or maintain a bank account, he cannot apply for or obtain a passport, and cannot be on the property of an airport. He must abide by a strict 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew, and will be under electronic surveillance as before, notes CNN.

He’s not going to have much left for his defense if this keeps up.