John Krasinski Says Sitting At Dicaprio’s Golden Globes Table Was ‘Awkward’

John Krasinski recently revealed to Ellen Degeneres that sitting at Dicaprio’s Golden Globes table was a little awkward. Everybody already knows about what happened between Dicaprio and Lady Gaga, but John got to elaborate on what it’s actually like to sit at the same table as one of the most well-known actors of all time.

The 36-year-old stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about his experience. “I went alone and turns out that when you go stag they put you at a great table. I was at Leonardo DiCaprio’s table,” he started.

“I didn’t get a chance to meet him and I didn’t want to be like, ‘Hey man I’m the guy that doesn’t have anybody.’ And then they won everything,” Krasinski continued. “So I’m in the middle of hugs and people are like this is the best year ever and I was like, ‘Wasn’t it?’ And then everybody went up and gave their speech I felt really pretty stupid.”

Yahoo reports that his wife, Emily Blunt, couldn’t attend the ceremony because she was busy shooting a movie.

“There was a moment, speaking of Alejandro [González Iñárritu], when he won he said hi to everyone and thank you because they all worked on the movie and then turned to me and there was that moment of like, ‘Why are you here?’ and I was like, ‘Congratulations,'” he said.

Last year, John Krasinski starred in Aloha and The Hollars, before landing the role of Jack Silva in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. He had to buff up for the role, which landed him on the cover of Men’s Health, according to ET.

He got to explain his grueling workout routine, saying, “Getting stronger every day is thrilling. I gotta be honest: It was brutal at times.”

“We did tons of metabolic work, dragging sleds and all this stuff I’ve seen NFL players do.”

While he was on Ellen he got to talk about his near-death experience swimming with sharks during a scuba-diving trip with his wife Emily. “I love to terrify my wife every moment I can,” he said.

“I was 100 feet deep. It’s like the bottom of the earth, it’s very scary. We had a disposable camera that we were filming on and it started to crinkle up, no joke,” he continued.

“I know every shark looks like Jaws, but these really look like Jaws. So we went down there, and they swim very close. And all of a sudden one broke off from the circle and swam behind us,” he said, building up drama.

“I saw it and Emily didn’t, and he started to charge Emily. And so my decision was, if I started to spook her out, she might move around and he might bite her,” he said. “So I decided to let it ride.”

That last comment drew quite a reaction from the crowd, but luckily nothing happened to Emily during the harrowing moment. John said that she just passed out underwater and they brought her back up to the surface.

It’s a great time for John Krasinski with the release of his new movie and his ability to land the cover of Men’s Fitness. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is in theaters now.

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