‘American Horror Story’ Season 6: Boarding School Next Destination?

American Horror Story Season 6 clues and theme are already being hotly debated by fans online, and some believe they may have it figured out. Will Season 6 be titled American Horror Story: Academy?

According to Bustle, if you watched the American Horror Story: Hotel finale, then you know that the Thacher School was mentioned two different times throughout the episode. Will Drake’s son was sent to the prestigious school to get away from the Hotel Cortez, as was John Lowe’s daughter, Scarlett, after the rest of his family moved back in to the ghostly hotel. Could the mention of the boarding school be the clue about the theme of Season 6?

American Horror Story has already done themes such as Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, and the latest, Hotel, but will they be focusing on a creepy old boarding school next? If the answer is yes, many fans will be excited.

American Horror Story Season 6 clues and themes being debated.
The Thacher School, which is mentioned twice in the American Horror Story: Hotel season finale, could very possibly be the next destination in the anthology, making Season 6 highly anticipated.

To make things a bit spookier, if American Horror Story Season 6 goes the boarding school or academy route, viewers should know that the Thacher School is a real place. The boarding school lies in Ojai, California, and has been standing there since 1889, meaning that if the season were to be set in the past, there are so many options for which decade, or even century, the story line could cover.

Now, if American Horror Story Season 6 were to take place in a boarding school it would be very interesting to see our favorite actors, who love the show and keep coming back for more, playing teachers, ghosts, or any other creepy characters that Ryan Murphy could dream up. Meanwhile, the children, who would be away at school without their parents, would obviously be causing all kinds of trouble, and be vulnerable to attacks since the supervision is at a minimum.

While American Horror Story Season 6 may not exactly take place at the Thacher School, it still could take place at any other creeping boarding school anywhere in the world. Maybe Ryan Murphy will draw some sort of inspiration from the best-selling book series Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, which would make for another interesting concept for the season.

Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story season 6?
Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Lady Gaga, who is fresh off her Golden Globe win for playing The Countess on American Horror Story: Hotel, will rejoin the cast for Season 6, but it’s likely that fans can expect the usual cast members such as Sarah Paulson, Dennis O’Hare, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, and more to possibly join in the fun.

Unfortunately, American Horror Story Season 6 will not begin airing until October 2016, so fans have quite the wait until they see the spooky series back on FX. Until that time everyone will just have to patiently, or impatiently wait for for Ryan Murphy’s big announcement about the theme of Season 6 and speculate, which is half the fun, about what kind of setting we’d like to see in future A.H.S. seasons, and some dream cast members we’d love to see step into a creepy, menacing, or sadistic role for the show that has caused so much online buzz in it’s five-season run.

In the past themes such as backwoods The Hills Have Eyes type story, Salem Witch Trials, Orphanage, Graveyard, and Cult have all been mentioned by fans.

Would you like to see American Horror Story Season 6 be set at a boarding school or academy? What other themes would you enjoy watching for future seasons of the scary series?

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