‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Won’t Make You Pay Extra To Win, But There Will Be DLC

Ubisoft Massive has just announced something good about Tom Clancy’s The Division. You know that annoying thing called micro-transactions? They just revealed they won’t be part of their latest game in the Tom Clancy series.

Usually a big part of MMORPGs, micro-transactions are often used to get a little extra money out of your bank account in case you aren’t skilled, lucky enough, or just too lazy to beat an area of the game, even with friends. They usually offer some kind of boost giving you equipment early in the game so you don’t have to work for it. Fans of Destiny and Forza most likely know this pain all too well. It’s the developers’ way of charging players more just to enjoy it a little longer.

There was even an instance with a teenager, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, who spent thousands on Xbox One’s FIFA. It enraged his father so much that he swore there would never be another video game in his home again.

Tom Clancy’s The Division won’t be featuring this wallet-busting headache, says Ubisoft Massive. There will be DLC, though, possibly in the form of extra missions. Creative director Magnus Jansen told VG247 that there won’t be classes of characters either. The way you play the open-world shooter is entirely up to you.

“We want roles, but not class in the sense that it’s something you pick for your character that’s fixed and you can’t change it. Roles are very important when you get into a group. The better a group can [specialize] the more effective it will be.”

In other words, the better you strategize, the better your team will be. If everybody goes in and just does their own thing without regard for what they’re up against, their chances of winning are slim. It won’t be like Evolve, where you have a specific ability that nobody else can use. In Tom Clancy’s The Division, your specialty is what you and your team choose it to be.

With any luck, you won’t be teamed up with a player who insists on pulling the Leeroy Jenkins rush like in the World of Warcraft video below.

This doesn’t mean Ubisoft isn’t planning to give players DLC in Tom Clancy’s The Division. You just won’t be able to pay your way to a shortcut, says Jansen via Gaming Bolt.

“It’s one of the things that we looked at because if people like the game and want to purchase extra things I don’t mind that. But micro-transactions, as it’s defined, we do not have them. You cannot spend a little bit of money and fast-track to get better gear or pay to win or vanity items. We do not have that. The short answer is no, we don’t have micro-transactions, period.

“We will have DLC. We don’t have it yet because we’re just barely finishing the game. I just don’t want anyone to say that when we announce the DLC, ‘you said [no micro-transactions]’.”

If you want to win in Tom Clancy’s The Division, you’ll have to be good at the game and team up with other players intent on playing it right. The only other option known for now is a PvP map, where you take on another team, compete for prizes, and level up.

This could be a sign that Ubisoft is listening to its consumers, since they have been known to make business decisions that impede gamers’ enjoyment of their games. Electronic Arts, considered by many as the worst video game publisher, is still guilty of this.

It’s unknown if Tom Clancy’s The Division will charge players to see where items are ahead of time, but it appears they’re set on making the gamer work for their advancement. Micro-transactions won’t force you to pay to win.

[Image via Ubisoft Massive]