Jim Ross Returning To Wrestling Commentary As English NJPW Announcer On AXS TV

There’s something about WWE programming that hasn’t been felt the same since Jim Ross left the commentary desk. WWE fans don’t get anymore slobberknockers. Nobody’s yelling “Bah Gawd” and really embracing the match that’s going on in front of the commentators. It’s about the story now and Michael Cole is spearheading it. Alongside John Bradshaw Layfield and Byron Saxton, WWE Raw has felt different since Jim Ross departed.

That’s not to say it’s negative, because change is always inevitable. However, much like John Madden as a color commentator of Monday Night Football, Jim Ross belongs on commentary for professional wrestling. Thankfully, WWE fans are able to watch a commentator who focuses on the match and builds a story at the same time.

Jim Ross WWE

Mauro Ranallo began his WWE career on WWE Smackdown last week on the USA Network and was received with a multitude of congratulations. It was as if Jim Ross was calling the action, because Ranallo had that certain style and it fit. He was with Jerry Lawler, who is known famously in the WWE for his time on the desk with Jim Ross.

Going back to Ross belonging in pro wrestling, it appears that he was listening to fans and decided to return. According to MLW Radio, Jim Ross is now the English announcer on AXS TV for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

“Jim Ross is returning to weekly primetime wrestling. I can officially confirm, and this is an exclusive for MSL & Sullivan, that Jim Ross will be the new announcer on the weekly New Japan show on AXS TV. He will call the action with Josh Barnett. They’ll be doing the sessions out in L.A. They’ll do a few shows over the course of a day or two. I know that Jim is excited and I’m happy that we can tell the fans about this.”

Jim Ross has finally commented on the situation with a few, short words after responding to a report of his involvement with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The Boomer Sooner deserves this opportunity more than most, as his hard work and dedication are paramount to his success. His podcast, the Ross Report, is very successful and insightful. Ross is continuing his wrestling coverage that began in 1974 for Bill Watts at the Universal Wrestling Federation as a referee. From then on, Ross began to craft his skill in the art of commentating.


Jim Ross isn’t returning to the WWE, for those that think it’s still a possibility. This commitment will most-likely last several years, unless his contract is different than most. In mid-2015, Ross talked about returning to the WWE and said it was highly unlikely. Now, it’s official.

“WWE, no. There may be down the road some WWE opportunities, but I don’t think it will be in the broadcasting side. Time will tell on that.

“If the Global Force thing is there, I enjoyed working with Jeff Jarrett for the New Japan thing in January. I hope that they do great. I think that they can do a real good TV show with the roster they’re putting together. He still has to find a network to air his shows on.”

It’s safe to say that Jim Ross presumably knew about this announcement months in advance. Ranallo was the previousEnglish commentator on AXS TV. He only held the position for several months. After his move to WWE Smackdown, Jim Ross took over the AXS TV responsibilities and wrestling fans have another reason to watch New Japan Pro Wrestling.

[Image via thesportster.com]