Best Buy Stores Getting A Makeover

Best Buy stores will soon be getting a makeover. The struggling electronics store will soon open several new storefronts that will operate similar to the Apple Store.

According to Forbes, Best Buy will start emphasizing a “genius bar” feature called “Solution Central.” The new Best Buy store will also be smaller as the company starts focusing on quality products instead of a wide variety of merchandise.

The LA Times reports that Best Buy will be trying the new format, dubbed Best Buy 2.0, at 60 locations as part of a plan to save an estimated $800 million.

Here are some other changes according to the Wall Street Journal.

  • Grocery store style checkout lines will be replaced with multiple checkout stations throughout the store.
  • The “Solution Center” will be the “nerve” of the store and will be staffed with Geek Squad’s “counter intelligence agents.”
  • Best Buy will be reducing its 58,000-square-foot locations by 20%.
  • Best Buy will carry a larger selection of tablets and phones.
  • The company wants Best Buy 2.o to be a place for customers to hangout and learn about products.

Forbes reports that Best Buy has already cut 400 employees and plans to let another 650 Geek Squad employees go nationwide. Currently, the company employs about 20,000 technicians.

Do you think the new Best Buy stores will help the struggling electronics company compete with online retailers like Amazon?