Kate Middleton To Be Editor For A Day At ‘Huffington Post UK’

The Huffington Post welcomes Kate Middleton to head their UK news site for the day in order to raise funds and awareness for mental health issues in young children. Duchess Kate is passionate about removing the stigma that impacts young people with mental and emotional issues. She often visits charitable facilities that help children suffering from various mental issues. Her patronage makes a huge difference in the level of care available to children, and also in public awareness of a subject that might otherwise go neglected.

Kate Middleton is delighted to be the first guest editor for The Huffington Post. She has her big day planned with some very exciting articles about the mental health of young children. Kate has commissioned many leading mental health experts, to contribute articles, papers, and other media on the topic. In addition, Duchess Kate has asked a few children, suffering with various forms of mental illness, as well as their parents and teachers to contribute to this special issue.

The Duchess Kate Middleton Attends The Anna Freud Centre Family School Christmas Party
Duchess Kate Middleton takes part in some drumming 'music therapy' as she attends the Anna Freud Centre Family School Christmas Party (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Middleton’s day at Huff Post will be sometime in mid February, although the exact date has not yet been set. Organizing that day is a primary interest for Kate Middleton this month of January, as she puts together a plan for the online publication of so many articles. A spokesman told ABC News, Kate was deeply involved in the issue of children’s mental health, and is currently very busy commissioning articles from leading mental health professionals. Kate also expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to edit for the publication.

“She is delighted that The Huffington Post will help put a spotlight on this important issue.”

According to Cecilia Rodriguez writing for Forbes, Huff Post Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Hull, was more than glad to help. He is very excited to have the Duchess Kate Middleton take the reins for a day, leading his readers into a greater awareness of mental illness in young children.

“We are thrilled that the Duchess of Cambridge is joining the HuffPost UK team for a day as a guest editor,” he said according to Us Weekly.

Stephen Hull expressed his excitement, not only about Kate Middleton leading their team, but he also had appreciation of the sincere effort that Kate has put into the cause of psychological illness in children, and the importance of mental health awareness, a cause dear to the hearts and minds of all Huffington Post UK staff.

“Dealing with mental health issues has been a major editorial focus for us and I’m very excited to be working together on such an important project,” Hull said.

Kate Middleton Enjoys the time she spends with the children.
Kate Middleton Enjoys the time she spends with the children.

Kate Middleton, a major patron of mental health resources for children, is very involved with Place2Be. The extensive charitable facility known as Place2Be serves over 67,000 children as a leading mental health care provider in Briton. Kate is a major champion for the cause of mental health, raising funds, raising awareness, and speaking on the topic at every opportunity.

Duchess Kate Middleton plans to continue her efforts to aid her cause for years to come. She is certainly kicking off 2016 with a wonderful start. Huffington Post is a well known news outlet with some very cutting edge news and science articles. Their focus on mental health issues is also well documented, with countless articles on related topics over the years.

Taking on The Huffington Post UK, if for only one day, is a major step toward healing children suffering from psychological illness. Children in the UK will benefit greatly from this day of mental health consciousness. By doing so, Duchess Kate Middleton hopes to raise awareness and funds for this outstanding cause.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]