Sky-High Surfing To Stay Fee-Free For Some

Surfing the net from the friendly skies won’t cost a dime to subscribers of iPass, thanks to a new deal struck this afternoon.

iPass announced it’ll include airborne Wi-Fi provider Aircell in its network of services. Aircell is expected to launch its GoGo in-flight internet access on selected flights later this year, starting with American Airlines and Virgin America. Passengers will have to pay a per-flight charge of about $10 to login.

Anyone with the iPass software, though, will be able to get instant access with a single click, according to the company’s just-released plan.

“Mobile workers have become accustomed to high-speed Internet access at home, in hotels and airports, and even in the car, but when they get on planes they have been unable to communicate,” iPass VP of Business Development Michael Moore stated.

“Our partnership brings together the new Gogo service with iPass’ ability to integrate connectivity with mobility management. Our enterprise customers will be able to keep their employees productive but maintain the necessary policies they need to support their business,” he said.

iPass offers remote access for mobile companies across 160 countries. It provides hotspot points at hotels, airports, and other various locations for a flat monthly fee.

I may not have iPass, but I nevertheless look forward to making my first posts from 35,000 feet in the air. Maybe from the lavatory, just to make it seem more scandalous. Hey, it might not be as cool as the mile-high club, but in-flight blogging’s gotta give you some kind of bragging rights, doesn’t it?