Anna Duggar Pregnant: Josh May Have Violated Rules Of Sex Rehab By Getting His Wife Pregnant

Anna Duggar is reportedly pregnant again, and baby number five could mean trouble for husband Josh.

Anna and John have endured a lot of turmoil over the past several months. After it was revealed last year that Josh had molested a number of young girls during his teenage years — including his own sisters — Anna stood by his side, even as the scandal sank their popular reality show, 19 Kids and Counting.

The second scandal hit even harder. After hackers published the client list for the dating site Ashley Madison, which promotes infidelity, some found Josh’s name on the list. This led to a confession from Josh that he had been unfaithful and was addicted to pornography. To make the scandal worse, two adult film stars came forward to claim that Josh had slept with them for money.

Still, Anna Duggar stayed by his side, supporting Josh even as he left for an intensive, months-long rehab stint in Illinois. The rehab facility is reportedly very strict, putting participants through a rigorous process of therapy including hours of prayer a day.

There are also strict rules for visitation and Anna Duggar was reportedly only able to visit Josh two times.

During one of those overnight visits, Anna Duggar reportedly got pregnant again.

“Anna announced that she thinks she is pregnant again,” a family insider told Life & Style(via Radar Online). “She believes the baby is a sign that God has forgiven Josh for his many sins, and she’s vowed to stand by her husband.”

Sources even said that Anna Duggar planned the pregnancy.

“Anna thinks Josh’s treatment is working and she was happy to try for another child when she visited him,” the source said. “She told friends that if God wished them to have another child, then so be it.”

If true, this could mean trouble for Josh in rehab. Though the exact nature of the facility’s rules are not entirely clear, it is known to have very strict guidelines for those in rehab and sex may be against the rules.

Josh Duggar is already under a lot of pressure to come out of rehab a changed man. His transgressions already sank the multi-million dollar 19 Kids and Counting empire, with TLC canceling the show in the wake of his molestation scandal. Family members, some reportedly angry at Josh for putting their livelihood at risk, have been looking to Josh to change his ways.

“My heart is broken over this,” one anonymous family member told ET. “I hope and pray Josh gets the help he needs. I believe he is getting that help. We had no idea about any of this. We love our family and we are praying for Josh. Thank you for all the prayers and support of all the friends and fans.”

The pregnancy would come at what remains to be a very difficult time for the family. Josh Duggar is locked in a legal battle with adult film star Danica Dillon, who claimed that he sexually assaulted her back in March when they had consensual sex. She is seeking $500,000 from Josh, claiming that he was “too rough” during their encounter. For his part, Josh Duggar claims that he never had sex with Dillon.

If there is another baby on the way for Josh and Anna, they’re not saying anything yet. Neither have spoken publicly about the rumors that Anna Duggar is pregnant again.

[Image via Instagram/Anna Duggar]