John And Lisa Robinson, Powerball Winners: 2 Real $1.6 Billion Powerball Winners On ‘Today’ Show [Video]

John and Lisa Robinson appeared in the below Today show video, holding up a Powerball ticket that contains the winning numbers for the most recent $1.6 billion Powerball lottery. Lisa even called her supervisor live from the Today show, as John sat by her side. John kept the ticket in his shirt pocket, saying that the Powerball ticket doesn’t get very far from him. John and Lisa haven’t gone to lottery officials yet. However, the Robinson Family was on their way to lottery officials.

Joe Townsend is the attorney for the Robinson Family, and he was the one who advised John and Lisa to not go to the lottery officials yet, but to go public on the Today show. Lisa called John and asked Mr. Robinson if John was going to stop and buy tickets after work. John said he didn’t feel like stopping, but John did so anyway.

“When I stop and buy my lottery tickets, I always buy four at a time.”

Lisa checked the Powerball numbers and screamed, “John! John!” Mrs. Robinson said she startled John when she checked the numbers. John saw the local news networks hanging out in Mumford, Tennessee. Lisa said the media was everywhere except for the store where John purchased the winning Powerball ticket.

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John said he was a little scared when he and Lisa realized that it was indeed the winning Powerball ticket. Lisa said she plans to keep working, and she loves her job — but Lisa is happy that her daughter Tiffany’s student loans are paid off.

“Sally Mae is paid off.”

John is going to be walking around New York with a Powerball ticket that could be worth north of $500 million. One Robinson daughter named Eileen said she Googled “how to call NBC,” and eventually was passed up to people who could get the Robinson Family on TV. NBC was rightly suspicious at first.

John wasn’t feeling well the night of the Powerball drawing, and he was asleep when Lisa screamed that they had won the Powerball. John tried to get his daughter to come over so he could tell the Robinson daughter about the Powerball win. John faked a story, telling Tiffany to bring him some Advil. Instead, the Robinson daughter sent someone else over with the Advil. That’s when John said he had to travel to his daughter in order to tell her the news about the Powerball win.

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Lisa and John seemed split over whether they’d move out of Mumford. Lisa immediately said they were staying, whilst John said he didn’t plan to move away.

John and Lisa, the Munford Powerball winners, list their careers on Facebook, reports WREG.

“According to her Facebook page, Lisa works at Memphis Dermatology Clinic and went to Munford High School. John’s page lists him as an engineer at Logical Systems, LLC. The ticket is worth $528,000,000 since there were two other winning tickets sold.”

The Powerball winners that are John and Lisa, as reported by Today, were planning to go directly to lottery officials after their Today show appearance. The Robinson Family attorney had advised them to visit the Today show first, so that John and Lisa could control how their story was presented to the media. After several other stories of supposed Powerball winners, ones including faked Photoshopped Powerball winning tickets online, John and Lisa’s story seems like the most valid one yet. John said he knew he immediately wanted an accountant for the Robinson Family after being assured of the Powerball win with his wife Lisa.

“John Robinson and his wife Lisa bought four tickets at Naifeh’s Food Mart, a grocery store one block from their home in Munford, Tennessee, at 6:56 p.m. on Wednesday night. Robinson, a father of two, said he bought the four tickets as he always does to represent the four members of their family, with the computer choosing the winning numbers of 04, 08, 19, 27, 34 and Powerball 10.”

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