Joey Feek Cancer Update: Near Death, Joey Still Laughing And Singing

While Joey Feek is nearing the end stages of her courageous battle with cervical cancer, she is still making the most of the final moments with her family. In order to keep their fans updated on Joey’s progress, her husband, Rory Feek, has kept a blog since January of 2014.

In the latest post on the blog, This Life I Live, Rory focuses on their baby daughter, Indy, as opposed to talking about the cancer. In the heartwarming post, Rory details how little Indy is able to make her mother laugh, even at a time where smiling seems next to impossible. After discussing how Indy is outgrowing her clothes, he tells a light story about how he went shopping for her at Kohl’s.

In looking for something special, Rory found a baby shirt that said “Indiana” on it, which is Indy’s full name. While it may sound like a minor detail, it meant the world to him. After putting the shirt on Indy, Rory sat her with Joey for a few minutes to attempt to cheer her up.

Joey Feek Cancer Update Indy
Joey Feek Daughter Indy Smiling

Even though Joey was in a ton of pain, Indy’s smile and “Indiana” shirt were all that were necessary to get her laughing again. And even though Indy is still a baby, Rory believes that she is cheering on Joey in her own unique way.

“Like she did that day in August at the hospital in Atlanta when Joey was starting chemo, I think our baby is continuing to cheer her mama on in her fight – the best way she knows how…By making her smile.”

For a little girl that will never get to grow up with her mother, these are special moments for her that Rory will continue to document. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rory released a post on Saturday, January 9, and discussed how Joey is accepting her imminent death.

Previously, Rory had been reluctant to use the terms “death” or “dying” when referring to Joey. As any husband would, he has fully supported his wife the entire time, and remained hopeful that she would be able pull through. Unfortunately, he has come to accept Joey’s unfortunate and heartbreaking fate, and discusses how she has too.

“And now, here I sit beside my dying wife. I’d like to tell you that she’s doing great and is going to beat this thing. But I can’t. Yesterday with tears in her eyes and mine, Joey held my hand and told me that she has been having serious talks with Jesus. She said she told him that if He’s ready to take her… she’s ready to come home. Our ‘make-believe’ song and video seems to be coming true. Some call it ‘life imitating art’. I don’t. I call it God. He knew I would need her to tell me goodbye… not just once, but a thousand times. And I’d need to know that no matter how much time passes, that she loves me still. And He made it so that if I needed to be reminded of her beautiful life and heart and voice… she would only be a ‘click’ away.”

The song which he refers to is entitled “When I’m Gone,” and it is about living without a loved one. Recorded in 2012, it was originally the idea of a friend of theirs whose mother was dying. In listening to the sample, both Rory and Joey became extremely emotional, and tears rolled down their faces. Joey did not have even have cancer at the time, but their friend Sandy’s message and pain touched them deeply and inspired them to record the song.

Over the last few days, Joey has required more and more morphine to keep her comfortable. At this point, her requirements are increasing at a rate that is not going to be sustainable for much longer. While Joey Feek’s cancer is unfortunately going to take her life in the very near future, she is at least going to spend her finals days surrounded by her loving husband, Rory, and daughters.

[Image via This Life I Live]